vista password problem

10 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
hi when i log on to my user account and i type the password it started coming up with reset password . so i restarted pc then tried again then it woudnt let me type password came up with reset password . but i found if i log onto another user account then log off it then on to mine it lets me type password and then its ok i can log on to admin account then. ive tried system restore to old back up point no luck there ,tried making new password still no luck i cant understand why its suddenly done this . ive had alot of updates lately but i restored to a time before when i had no problems , and still having password problems . i added an ide hard drive the other day to take some pics off but its been removed now surely that wouldnt be a problem? any way all help welcome paul
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Start/Control Panel/User accounts/Turn User accounts on or off, could be of use.

But if I were you I would delete the account and raise a new one.
yes but if i do that i will lose all my settings for account favorite web pages etc unless i save them . and surely isnt it good to have an admin password for security? vista has been a bit of a pain with problems from day one
Well, you only need a password if you are unsure of anyone, who has access to your machine.
I do not set or need one in my house, for general computer access.
Bank accounts etc. are a different matter, but they have their own passwords.
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yes but i thought the idea of a admin pass word on vista was also because it makes it harder for changes to be made to the system. as a password is asked for to change settings etc . and its a bit worrying wondering why it seems corrupted the password
It is good practice to have more than one user account i.e. one for daily use with user privileges and one with admin privileges when you need to install software/make changes to settings etc. This means that if you get infected with some malware, the amount of destruction it cqan cause is limited because of the user access to the system. These accounts can have the same password though for ease of remembering.
musthave been an update which caused the problem because i tried a different restore date and its ok now , so much for the updates. i will try updating again and see if problem comes back .
ive been having the same problem,it cant be an update issue as ive got them turned off at the moment to try and troubleshoot the problem,i too had to do a system restore using another account.i suspect its an application ive run or a game ive played.
hi it must have been an update because i restored it back taking off perhaps 5 up dates then it updated again but with ten updates now its ok so it must of been an of the up dates didnt install first time had problems so i tried again and it installed ,we must soon be due for service pack 1 for vista. one of my updates was for my graphics card
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