System restore password

16 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
I have a Levono laptop which will not liar. I tried to force stop and restart to get to system restore.

I have got there but it is asking for password. The page had my name and email address followed by “Enter the password for this account. (Keyboard layout: United Kingdom

I tried the email password but it says incorrect. I tried the password that I use to start the laptop. I tried every password that I can think of using!

What “account” is this referring to ?

I am just about to go out fir the evening so will not be able to respond to any posts, so don’t think that I am being rude!

Thanks in anticipation of any help
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Load perhaps? I know he uses his phone on occasions.

@FiremanT does it not give the option of “forgotten password”?

You are right. I am using the phone braise, erm, the LT is OOA

Sorry for not spotting the spell check.

I have been trying to check the PW for Email, but cannot see how to do it via iPhone. I never actually use it as it is “saved” . But I think I know it. And does not work.

My immediate problem is that our local pub, as excellent as it is, is already overbooked. So I have had 5 pints of Zahara and 2 bags of crisps

So struggling even more with phone

Just waiting for supermarket pizza and soup to cook