Outlook forgotten password

30 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
A few weeks ago, my broadband got screwed up at Plusnet's end, which resulted in PN having to issue me with a new broadband password and email password for my accounts. The temporary one for email, was 'password1', which I had obviously to change and change in Outlook 2019 to match. I then promptly forgot what password I had used on my main laptop, until this week I fired up my spare laptop and found it could not login for email.

I tried various free to try utils, which claimed to be able to reveal the email passwords in MS O 2019, some half worked, some not. What worked perfectly to reveal my password, without any fuss, small and simple and at no cost was Nirsoft's 'Mail Passview' and this despite it only claiming to work upto Outlook 2016.
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