Cannot view mailbox contents

I have tried testing the Java and initially it was not working but I download the software from Java and verified with online tools its works.

The as suggested enabled the Java script under Internet > tols etc all to NO Avail still says 'Page Not Found' when trying to log into Hotmail or yahoo or even trying to get update etc.

Any other ideas? many thanks.
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Java may not be the answer then, however even though you have installed Java I think it is worthwhile checking that it is operating and configured correctly.

I have just had a look on the Java site. Follow these steps to check Java

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not enabled in the web browser.
If the JRE is already installed but applets do not work, you may need to enable the JRE through your web browser.

Please follow these instructions to enable the Sun JRE though your Web browser:

Internet Explorer 4.x and Up

1. Click "Tools" --> "Internet Options"
2. Select the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to "Java (Sun)"
3. Check the box next to the "Use Java 2" version
4. Next, select the Security Tab, and select the "Custom Level" button
5. Scroll down to "Scripting of Java applets"
6. Make sure the "Enable" radio button is checked.
7. Click OK to save your preference.

The Java control panel is not configured to use the web browser.
If the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is already installed but applets do not work, you may need to enable the JRE for your web browser.

To see whether your browser is configured to use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or not, first open the Windows Control Panel. From the Start menu button, select Settings, then Control Panel to open the Control Panel. You should see the Java Coffee Cup logo icon in the Control Panel.

1. Double click the icon to open the "Java Control Panel"
2. In the "Java Control Panel", select the Browser Tab
3. Make sure the box next to Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla is checked
4. If it is not checked, click the checkbox to enable the JRE for your Web browser
5. Click the Apply button.

If you do not see the coffee cup icon in the Windows Control Panel, you do not have the latest version of the Sun JRE installed on your computer.

Last step
I know you have done this before but I think you should try again. Following extract from MS

"Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message When You Attempt to Log On to Hotmail
When you try to log on to Hotmail, you may receive an error message similar to the following:
Page cannot be displayed.
This issue can occur when there is a problem connecting to the Hotmail server. When you receive this error message, it is best to wait a few minutes, and then attempt to log on to Hotmail again.

If you still cannot log on to Hotmail after several minutes, clear your History folder and Temporary Internet folders. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Start Internet Explorer.
2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
3. On the General tab, click Clear History. When you receive the confirmation message, click Yes.
4. In the Temporary Internet Files pane, click Delete Files. When you receive the confirmation message, click Yes.

Let us know how you get on
Hi Tony / Softus / Doc Lenny

Many thaks for all your superb advice it was really appreciated. I found that the problem was Symantec Client running in the background! I went to control panel > add / remove programs and removed the symantec Client software. Upon rebooting the Laptop all then worked fine!

Once again mnay thanks for all your expert advice..
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