No Google or Hotmail access?

19 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
Since the beginning of December I've not been able to connect to Google or login to my Hotmail account; never had a problem before. Each time I try, it loops for a while and then reports that "IE cannot display the webpage". I can access other sites without any problems.

I did some searching using Bing and Yahoo and found some suggestions that my hosts file might be corrupt. I had a look at the hosts file (at C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\hosts) and there is only one entry in the file, the IP address of my localhost.

Anyone had this problem before? I'm running MS Windows XP Pro, SP2.
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Yep IE!

Well after all that, it went away by itself and everything is back online again - must be down to Santa. I assume the problem was with my ISP - TalkTalk. Strange, never had a problem with them before or heard of anything like this before. Does that mean all those people with similar problems should be talking to their ISPs too??
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Not that the indian on the end of the phone will have any idea what the problem is or who to tell about it.