Vista and Hotmail


27 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
Hi folks

I have just moved to a Dell XPS M1330 laptop with Vista.
Have SP1, disabled various Add ins, using Unprotected mode, have listed hotmil as trusted site, enabled HTTP as trusted, reduced IE security settings to lowest . . . . . and still it takes ages to open Hotmail Inbox or an actual email.

Have Googled for answers but now I turn to the experts: please help!

I have tested on my old lappy (Dell Latitude D810 with XP Professional) and accessing Hotmail on that is as quick and easy as ever, so it's not the Hotmail server.

Both old and new lappies have AVG Anti Virus (the full paid version).


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What firewall are you using? You are only using one firewall arent you?

AVG can cause issues, have you tried disabling AVG temporarily to rule out this as a possibility?

On my system had to disable Web Shield and Link scanner
Thanks Tony

Yes, only one Firewall.

Based on what you said I just disabled AVG tool bar and AVG Safe Search and this has enabled me to get into emails quicker.

Many thanks!

PS For anyone who wants to try this at home, you'll need to reboot after disabling the add ins.
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I use the free AVG and upgraded to the new version and it slowed my computer down hugely. So I uninstalled it and went back to version 7.5. I'm still getting updates and I'll keep with it till they no longer update it.

I've a feeling it's something to do with safe search or something - I think it's scanning each browser page before it opens, hence the reason it's slowing them down..........................but I could be wrong!