Hotmail / Incredimail access problem please help

28 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi I am trying to help my sister in law, she is using XP home and has always preferred to access her Hotmail via her Incredimail, which was easy to set up and worked fine, until recently, then suddenly it gave this message

"The connection was rejected by the incoming mail server 'http//', please try again later"

and this has been like this for days. I have read some stuff on the net that makes it sound like Hotmail may have changed something with Hotmail access settings that will stop you accessing Hotmail via Outlook, so is this true and could it effect Incredimail?

More importantly can you get round it if it's true?

I use incredimail too and under servers, I have pop and smtp settings to access my Sky emails, ie but on my sister in laws although I have read about some pop and smtp settings you can use for Hotmail, every time I create a new account for accessing Hotmail in her Incredimail, it seems to realise it is Hotmail by the email address and under servers puts in only one line instead of 2, ie instead of a pop and a smtp lines like mine it puts in
under server URL
and I cannot seem to do anything to make it allow me to put in pop and smtp settings.

Hope I have explained it ok.

Any help appreciated please
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I have same problem with outlook express and because I use Pidgin for all messenger services I don't get any pop ups to say when mail has arrived.

I only use Hotmail for messenger so on odd time when someone decides to use that address for an email it now gets totally missed.

Gmail is another one who seem to make it hard using odd number of 995 for pop 3 and I had wondered if something similar but I could find nothing on web site for using pop and smtp so I guess anyone who sends me a hotmail email will just never get an answer!
Need to read emails from HotMail team?

The following message arrived late August '09 .... Sept' 1st was the cutoff date.

Dear Windows Hotmail Customer,

You are receiving this note because you have used Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Express, or Entourage to view your Windows Live Hotmail®. Microsoft is changing the way these programs access Hotmail e-mail which will require you to take action.


Why is this happening? Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage use a legacy communications method (known as the DAV protocol) to access Hotmail. Because the DAV protocol is not optimally suited for programs to access large inboxes such as Hotmail which now provides users ever-growing storage*, new alternatives have been built. Last year, customers asked us to postpone plans to retire the DAV protocol until more options were available. Now that these options (including the POP3 protocol) are available, we are ready to retire the DAV protocol.

Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail.


Your Windows Live Hotmail Team

Add a Hotmail POP3 account in Outlook Express

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hi' i am also having probs. with my windows messenger.

i cant access my mail as it just says server busy, this has never happened before today.

can someone shed any light on this?