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29 Apr 2008
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I have been using Photobucket for some years now, as a lot of forum sites only allow photos hosted elsewhere. When I joined there was less interest in password security and the email address I had then has changed about four times in the intervening years. I have never given this any thought until recently, when I was having trouble logging in. I could not log in on the desktop computer because it was telling me my password is too short. It is a 5 digit, numerical one, which was acceptable when I registered but no longer allowed. I dare say they sent me an email at some point, asking me to upgrade my password security but it would have gone to the old, defunct Freeserve email address.
I managed to log in using my laptop so I tried to change my password there. It would not allow this, as you have to re-enter the old password, which again got flagged up as being too short. I tried to change the email address but again I got an error message. I applied to Photobucket Support for help and had to fill in a form describing a couple of my photos, give my date of birth etc. The problem with the date of birth is it seems to be on a default date, as it gives it as January 1st 1986. I entered my genuine date of birth in the form so I suppose that flagged me as an imposter. It was probably optional to fill in your date of birth when I first joined and I evidently didn't bother. Basically the support people are accusing me of trying to hack into another users account. The latest thing I tried was uploading an image of a message to the Photobucket team, asking them to let me change from the old to the new email address. That was a few days ago and I've not heard anything. I suspect a lot of older Photobucket accounts are affected by these changes, as the support staff mention in one email that they are unusually busy at the moment.
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