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8 May 2012
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United Kingdom
Trying to find the best place to place my filter. I cannot do it by the boiler as the pipes run straight into the ceiling.

It is an open vented system with hot water tank.

In the airing cupboard I can mount it after the valve on the central heating side. This does mean that the water will only be filtered on the central heating system and not the heat exchanger in the tank.

Trying to fit it after the pump or before the pump is going to involve altering the pipe work alot.

Basically trying to decide whether it is worth modifying all the pipework after the pump but before the valve or just fit it on the central heating side after the valve.

Photo of pipe work below.
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You must not install any valve between the boiler and the open vent, so that rules out the left vertical pipe, but the right vertical pipe between the air seperator and the pump seems to have possibilities. If you mount the filter as close to the outlet of the seperator as possible, and lower the 15mm bypass connection, is it possible to have the filter between the seperator and the pump? The Adey Magnaclean may be short enough to fit.
I did see on a diagram you can mount the filter either before the pump or after. So you saying I should lower the pump aswell to add more room for the filter connections.
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Oh, I see what you mean now. It should not be upside down. It has been like that since we bought the house in 2010. It has worked ok. It occasionally sticks when the central heating has not been used in along time.
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Best way is to move the air separator up a little to give me the extra space I need on the pipe above the pump. As by moving the pump down it is still going to be to tight.
All done now.


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