Miele W 310 Washing machine problem

9 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Afternoon all

Problem with my Miele Novotronic 310 washing machine.

Water escapes from the detergent drawer and cascades down the front of my machine.

With no washing in the machine (as a test) I select 'Separate Rinse' and the water enters the machine via the detergent drawer with no problem.

When sufficient water is in the machine the water supply stops and the drum rotates. The pump eventually starts and empties the drum.

The pump switches off, the drum continues to rotate and the water supply begins again. THIS IS WHEN WATER IMMEDIATELY BEGINS TO ESCAPE FROM THE FRONT OF THE DETERGENT DRAWER.

I have thoroughly cleaned the inside of the detergent drawer and cjecked all hoses to remove any suspect restrictions.

Can anyone please offer a reason (and remedy) why the water flows into the machine via the detergent drawer initially but not when it automatically tries on a follow-up basis. I assume this demonstrates there is no blockage anywhere.

The problem only started today. At the end of a wash cycle there was a small amount of water on the floor (half a cup full) so I opened up the machine to check hoses etc and then tried the above

Any assistance will be much appreciated
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Did you check the hose from the top of the tub to the soap dispenser?
It is easier to disconnect from the soap dispenser and blow down it than to take it off the tub.

There are other hoses to consider if the first is clear.
The hose on the left of the y can be accessed from behind the soap dispenser.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply

I haven't actually removed the hoses but given them all a good squeeze and felt nothing inside. I will remove them on Monday (busy family weekend).

As mentioned previously, when I first select "Separate Rinse" programme the water passes through the soap drawer with no problem. I notice that it enters the drum from an outlet just above the door glass and runs down over it.

After the drum has rotated and pump has emptied the drum it then attempts to refill. This is when water pours from the soap drawer front. It does this each time I try to rectify the problem

Does this mean that, on each second attempt to fill, the water is attempting to enter the drum via another route which is possibly blocked ?.

The first sign of a problem was at the end of a standard wash cycle. There was appx half a cup of water on the floor below the soap drawer. As I attempted to explore the problem the amount of water coming from the front of the soap drawer was much more and I switched the machine off immediately each time. Perhaps indicating that what was initially a partial blockage had become a complete blockage ?.

Your explanation of water entry routes and advice will be much appreciated

Thank you
Sounds like you have either a partial blockage in the hose under the soap dispenser compartment or you could have mold growing over the water jets at the top of the dispenser compartment. The water may be coming out at an angle due to the small holes in the dispenser being partially blocked and thus not going directly into the dispenser draw.
Another area to check is the softener compartment syphon (rectangular piece at the back of the draw) inst blocked up as that will overflow if not working and happens only on the last rinse.
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Lavo-1's suggestion sounds far more logical than my own and less work.

I would definitely try that before taking apart the machine.
Thanks once again for the suggestions.

I have now disconnected all hoses and flushed them through, hardly any muck came out so no problem there.

Removed soap drawer and removed top plate.

Removed the "Water Path Control Unit" (at the back of the soap drawer) and separated the motor section from it.

Flushed all jets through from the feed end via the 4 entry positions and although a small amount of muck came out they all appear pretty clear.

Is it possible that the Water Path Control Unit is malfunctioning and allowing water to pass through the wrong channel on the 2nd fill and causing the problem ?.

Even as I ask the question I have my doubts because whatever channel the water is directed through, the soap drawer should physically cope with the flow and not flood from the front !.

Must admit I am running out of ideas :(

It was a blockage after all. Having checked all the pipes (removed them and flushed them through) all that was left to check was a plastic rectangular unit mounted in the rear of the interior.

It is approximately 18 " high x 3" wide x 2" deep, has a 1" pipe to the bottom from the pump and a half inch pipe from the top to a plastic "Y" piece. Also at the top of the unit and protruding through the back of the machine is a plastic pipe with the external waste connected to it.

I removed the unit and discovered it has a small plastic ball and rubber disc interior to a small chamber at the top where the half inch pipe is connected. I am assuming this acts as a non-return valve ?. The amount of muck that eventually flushed out of the whole unit was unbelievable.

So thanks once again for taking the time to advise

Kind regards
Well done!
The matrix with a ball in it is an anti syphon unit that the German water regulations stipulate must be fitted to German appliances.
If the ball becomes stuck then you get water backing up the matrix.
Good spot!

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