MIL warning light on 2004 daihatsu charade

16 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
hi. does anyone know what to look for when the Malfunction Indicator Light comes on, on a 2004 daihatsu charade? it only appeared today. also, should the cooling fan cut in when you switch the air conditioning on? thanks!
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If there is no loss in performance then the lambda sensor is the primary suspect....however, the car's on board computer will have logged this as a fault code which can be read by any garage with suitable diagnostic equipment.
Yes to the second question!
John :)
Hi! Thanks for your reply. I'll run the car in to my local tuning specialist who has the necessary diagnostic equipment to get it checked out and hopefully fixed! I'll let you know the outcome.
I thought the cooling fan coming on with the AC might have been a part of the problem, but you just cleared that up for me! Cheers!
Hi burnerman! Car going in for replacement Lambda sensor Friday, so your diagnosis was bang on! Thanks! Should get a bit more to the gallon now!
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