Mira excel shower drip

21 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi ya Guys
Hope your all keeping safe and well
Got a slight drip on my Mia Excel shower, had this for 25 years without any problems but noticed the drip recently
What do you think? Change the complete cartridge or is it as simple as a rubber washer?
I’ve looked at some YouTube videos but I’ve had great advice from this site for years so would be grateful for it again
I know I’ve got away with it for years without a service so this was bound to happen I suppose
See images, I took the hose off you see if I could show the speed of the drip ( which it dosent)
In grateful anticipation


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I like Mira showers but when I rang customer services they said that they would expect 10-15 years' life before replacement. You've done very well, so take the hit and buy a Mira Sport (great shower if you're in a low-usage household).
Cheers Vic
I’ll hang on a few days to see what ( if any) other people have a view
I’ll go for it if I have to
is there a model number on the front ? there are a few Mira Excells
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Kindly note i am not a plumber but i have the same mira excel and had same problems
Got help from this forum and replaced cartridge ( pre 2002 cartridge job done! As there
Are pre and post models! Hope this helps
All the best
Hi Guys
No Model number on front but I moved into this house 1995 and we installed the shower a year or two after that so I believe it’s a pre 2093 model , part number for the cartridge would be 903.33 I believe
Did you change the cartridge yourself and if you did come across any problems
See photo of front


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The one shown in the youtube clip is the earlier (pre 2003) one that uses the 903.33 cartridge. I have two in my place here.

Yours looks like the model that followed it therefore the 903.33 is not the one.

Coincidentally my mate asked about the very same model in his house. I looked them up and noted the part numbers down for him (he didn't want the cartridge but wanted to replace the plastic parts which have faded and gone cream coloured).

I called NSS - which is Showerspares. I've dealt with them before and got on really well with them. When I called this time the fella's name was Dan - really knowledgable. I won't leave any links as it might look suspicious but I would go to them first.

Please check before you order - but I believe the cartridge for POST 2003 is part number 451.71. Just under £160 plus P&P

I take my cartridge out every year or so and clean the wire filters that are built in to the cartridge on mine. I guess the same applies to yours. There's alway a film of jelly like goo which needs cleaning off with a toothbrush (use the wife's rather than your own). It makes the shower like new after that's been done.
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Hi Mr B
God you have me worried now, I moved into the house in 95? And the shower was installed 97 latest how could the cartridge be after 2003? Surely it must be pre 03?
Anyway you are right , I think I should just remove the old cartridge and have a look at it before ordering, your right knowing me I’ll order the wrong one and yes I will talk to those shower parts people
Just take the plastic bit off the front the two cartridges are very different you will be able to tell by looking at it without removing it
Update Mr B
I’ve just asked the wife when we had it installed ( because I’m bloody useless with dates) and she can’t be sure it was installed in 97 ! Great that’s all I need ! Anyway we have 2 showers so I will take tge old cartridge out and hopefully see what it is, I’ll keep you posted, that’s if I haven’t killed the missus!
If I'm wrong (and it's not out of the question) then I'm really sorry. But the one in the video is the one that I have - and is definitely pre 2003. Its different to your one and when I enquired the other day it was decided that my mate had the later one and his looks just like yours.

BUT. Best you contact the supplier and send a photo to confirm. Like I say I spoke to a fella called Dan and he had it all at his fingertips so best be sure.
Hi Guys
Mrb and ianmcd
Finally got round to taking the front dial off
See image
What code part would it be gents?


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