moisture on DPM edge

18 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi there, small issue i hope, I seem to have some moisture on the edge of the DPM. This bit had a piece of polystyrene for a channel for the waste and pipe. I cut this out carefully and behind the poly. Upstand there was moisture on the DPM. There was more than what the PIC shows(if I wiped my finger across it there would be a small droplet). In the picture it shows what happened after the shower tray was laid in the area for a week. Every other area around it seems bone dry. The concrete was laid 7 months ago and I was very careful with the DPM.

I'm not sure if its condensation or rising.

The area is meant to be a level access shower. My next proc. Was to raise the floor height with mapei renovation screed. Then lay the shower tray and tank the joints.

Thanks for reading.

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