Mondeo bonnet lock

24 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
Has anyone any idea how to gain access to the engine of a Ford Mondeo ie. lift the bonnet?
When the key is inserted in behind the front badge (moving it to the left first)
The key just goes round and round, sequence should be.... first turn to the left, bonnet should lift slightly onto the safety catch, then turn to the right, and bonnet should open fully, this is not happening.

I don't want to destroy the grill to gain access to the bonnet catch.
The lock barrel I believe is ok, as a key from another Mondeo will not turn the barrel either way.
Any help would be appreciated, situation getting desperate.

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can you not get access from underneath and flick the catch open with a screwdriver or something?
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Having read a few posts on the above and those for the Ford Focus where as similar problem can occur we decided to follow the advise of just cutting a small hole behind the swivelling Ford Badge with a Dremmel type drill cutter and were relieved that this gave access to the two headless bolts without the need to wreck the whole grill.....bolts were drilled out and the lock taken off and the bonnet opened by inserting a cross head screw driver blade in place of the linkage mechanism and simply turning it left then right as you would have done with the key....job sorted and no cost involved.....we now keep an old cross head screw driver in the glove box and will do without the lock. The Ford Badge swivels back to cover the hole we made......easy!!! No skinned knuckles trying to work from underneath against the radiator and probably just 20 mins of work as of course drilling the bolts out is a slow process.....