Moving Camcorder video to PC

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
PC and Camcorder both Sony. (VAIO and DCR-HC22E) The old software will not work with Vista so uploaded new software but says it can't find Camcorder I.Link connection however with stand alone Philips DVD/HD unit for TV the firewire works fine.

The Camcorder also has USB but the new software (PMB) does not seem to have a USB option. With old desktop used the three phono plugs but laptop does not have that input option.

At the moment only way to move files from camera to PC is to transfer to Philips DVD/HD then burn onto DVD then rip off DVD to put on to PC which is rather a round about method of getting a PC playable file.

Any idea of how to get PC to see the USB output from Camcorder as can't install USB drivers as will not work with Vista.

What I have considered is running a Linux Live disk but again rather a round about method sure there must be an easy way?
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If your DVD/HD unit works fine into your Vaio via i.Link (IEEE 1394), then I would suggest the following:

Presumably the DVD/HD has an AV input of some description? If you set it to this input, and plug the camcorder into it, then it should pass the input directly through to the outputs. It's possible that the DVD/HD unit may need to be put into record-pause mode. Some things do, some things don't.
You may also need to allow E-E mode or similar in a menu somewhere.

Therefore, you should then be in a position where the DVD/HD recorder is being used to convert the AV signal from the camcorder into i.Link/Firewire/1394 for input to the laptop.
This is sometimes known as a DV Bridge.

Should work, in theory.
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