EasyCAP Composite to USB with Vista (Honestrch TVR) help!

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
I bought a little USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio with the idea of moving my analogue web cam tapes onto the PC however I seem to have some problems. I have two laptops both running Vista and one is much faster then the other so clearly want to use the fast laptop.

However with the fast one although I can select "AVerMedia Capture" in property settings I can't get any video or sound. With the slow PC the video and sound both work there is an issue with wrong aspect ratio but it works.
With slow PC connect to TV and works A1 but connect to camera and I only get snow but think this is camera so not so worried at least it works with TV, Blueray, and Sky box so unit must be OK it's just something with camera not sorted.

I have noted with Fast Laptop I get TV settings with the software but not with the slow laptop software called honestech TVR 2.5 a VAIO Sony laptop think it does have a TV card in laptop but set to USB Video Device and the TV bit goes and I see my face where it has connected to the built in web cam but set to AVerMedia Capture TV settings re-appear so it would seem it's connecting to laptop's TV card rather than the EasyCAP.

Program crashes if I select Bluetooth with both built in and Logtech web cams software works. It seems OEM Capture is the name found on USB list but AVerMedia Capture on the honestech software on both laptops.

Any ideas?
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