Moving soil pipe and new connection to private sewer

13 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
Be gentle with me if I appear to be asking rudimentary questions.

I am hoping to switch my kitchen and dining room round (and in the process switch the bedroom and the bathroom around in the rooms directly above). This will mean moving/replacing the soil stack and making a new connection to the private (unadopted?) sewer that runs under the garden.

Can waste water from the bath/basin and kitchen sink all run directly into the soil stack or does it need it's own pipe to the sewer pipe?

Obviously this will not be a job I will be tackling myself!

But what tradesperson do I look up? Is is a builder/plumber/groundworker?

Is there an accreditation scheme I should look out for?

And does anyone have any idea finally what kind of figure should be I be anticipating for a new soil stack, digging out the trench and laying pipework 4 metres to the new connection with the sewer pipe.

Thanks in advance.

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a decent builder could do it in his sleep. all wastes can discharge into the stack.

i would suggest an external gulley for the sink waste (particularly if it is d/w or w/m affiliated ) but it is not obligitory.

running all this into a private sewer is not a problem, provided it is not 8' deep that is!

all cedits will go to building control. :LOL:
What is d/w m/w? Is a gulley a drain in my language?

Forgive my ignorance - feel a bit like I am making itup as I go along!
Dishwasher and Washing machine
Yes, its the drain that is always getting blocked up with the wifes chip fat
usually served via the kitchen sink
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Yes, very very dense of me!

As a bit of an add on I take it there would be no problem adding a saniflo connection to the new soil stack (only have one loo and would like to pop one for wees only under the stairs).

Is it rude to ask a builder to seperate a quote into parts and then labour?

Determined to get to grip with all this stuff!
Saniflo--do you have to have one--wait till it gets blocked! Is there no alternative? But yes.
Wandering off topic re quotes, (read some of the problems in the trade talk forum) , but why would it matter, unless you are thuinking of doing some of the work or supplying some materials yourself. Its only the total that really concerns you and they have a habit of adding up the same or to whatever you negotiate. Get 3 quotes, but you cant then cherry pick the labour and parts from the best two!
Regarding the quote situation. The house I am in was lived in by the same lady for 70years, and I have had to have a fair bit done to it so far and in some cases have been remarkably naive (that's my nice way of putting it). I am not fortunate enough to have people who can recommend people to me so I have tried to go with people who have the right 'credentials'.
This went wrong from the very start when the electrician TOTALLY messed things up and failed to do basic things. Not being an electrician I had no idea until two very young chaps came to draftproof the windows. they noticed a couple of things they didn't hink were right and to cut what has the potential to turn into a rant short - he had neglected to do 15 essential things.
Moving swiftly onto a brickie who was supposed to repoint parts around my bay window but did it in the pouring rain with crap materials and didn't clean it up at all.
There are more but I just get cross about it all...
....soooo hence the business with the quotes....

Regarding saniflo - I undestand they can be problematic but my mum is rather wobbly on her feet so short of installing a stairlift for when she visits or having a potty handy (sorry mum) it does seem to be the best option. She can only wee though - that's my law! :p

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