MPs lose interest in their jobs.

15 Nov 2005
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"Lucy Fisher, Whitehall Editor YESTERDAY

The working day for MPs in the House of Commons chamber has been shorter on average this parliamentary session than in any other in the past quarter century, according to a Financial Times analysis.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been accused of presiding over a “zombie parliament”, with opposition parties arguing the relative shortness of the average parliamentary day shows an administration running “out of steam”.

The average duration of a Commons sitting day in the current parliamentary session, which began in November, has been 7 hours and 9 minutes, a record low since New Labour came to power in 1997, the FT found."

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What a bizarre conclusion from the data.

I’m sure you’d find similar trends in business.

In the 90s I was face to face for 70% of my work.
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maybe we should get rid of 50% and see if anyone notices.

They tax payer would.
Pitiful attempts at diversion by a Tory.
You literally derailed your own thread. What has Rees Mogg slouching, which by the way was 4 years ago. got to do with your post?
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