MPs lose interest in their jobs.

I don't get why anyone would vote for a party that had no chance of doing anything.
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No votes for tories in the approaching election, then.

65 have handed in their notice so far.
Yes apparently a party only gets a whip if it has more than 3 MPs

Greens will get a lot of Corbyn supporters voting for it in next election, so it might get more MPs.

Sadly those militant left wing activists are infiltrating Green Party with their misery.
Are you thinking of 'Just Stop Oil' and other protest movements?
Some have always been Green (it ain't easy) but not enough to make a dent in the general electorate - @motorbiking is missing the point about the Greens. They're more effective at grass roots politics.
Mind you; have you ever wondered how the 2019 General Election result would have come out with a form of proportional representation?

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is a form of proportional representation used in Northern Ireland for all non-Westminster elections, Scottish local elections, the Republic of Ireland, Malta and the Australian Senate.


Parties like the Greens and Brexit Party won huge numbers of votes and almost no representation. The Lib Dems saw a surge in votes and their number of seats fall. Something is very clearly wrong.

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Yeah, a Tory would say that but there is room for reform and there hasn't been any change to the way Parliament is run since the Great Reform Act in 1832. A few things have changed in that time. Since the last election the Tories have defenestrated two PMs and are rumoring among themselves to throw another overboard as the poll numbers are dire - 23%! They demand to know if the Opposition can do better and when Labour come up with a plan the Tories make it government policy and cut the rug under their feet. Any dirty trick to stay in power, regardless of their moribund state of imagination that ran out years ago. It is time for a change - a real change.