Multipro board and PB mist coat?

13 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom

I've used easyfill on 2 dry lined walls, with plasterboard on the walls and multipro in the window reveals.

I'm using Leyland hard-wearing Matt for the finish. Can I use this watered down as a mist coat do you think? Multipro advice is to prime the edges with acrylic primer, but I think that is when you use it externally. And my edges have been dry lined anyway.

Is acrylic primer much different from acrylic Matt?

What do you suggest? Bearing in mind that I am trying not to make non essential trips, and haven't got any basic matt in my shed!

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Read the application data sheet online for the hard wearing matt and see what it says. Answers will be there.

My opinion is... Buy leyland acrylic primer undercoat and follow the application data sheet guide and prime.

People get in trouble using contract matt at a primer followed buy hard wearing emulsion. The resins don't like the chalky dry contract matt surface
Thanks. I've got a tin of acrylic primer!

I suppose I get confused because I don't really know what acrylic paint is or its properties. I read about acrylic primer, acrylic matt, acrylic eggshell...

My guess is that they are moreorless the same thing except some have more mattifyng agentsls in them. But I'm only guessing. It's difficult for diyers like me to understand how you can interchange products.
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Best stick to manufacture data sheets. Pros do mix and match paints and can get caught out but mostly we know it works because we tried. DIY folks can read the data sheets online in 2 mins and would save them a headache just following

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