My fellow professionals

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And yet 2 policewomen who job-share can't look after each others kids while the other one is at work because they haven't been CRB checked!

They are POLICE women FFS!
Surely they have been vetted somewhere along the line?
Conny - have been away for a few days. Where did your story come from?

It's madness indeed, not so much that they can't look after the kids (which is lunacy in its own right) but more that they haven't been vetted since their job will mean that they will have to have professional contact with children.
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Wherever you get kids you'll get pervs. It's always been that way.
Dex, it was on Granada Reports last night.

Don't usually watch much telly, especially at that time but for some reason it was on when I got in last night and seen it.

If you google something like 'Granada News' it might come up.
err i beg to differ

i had to have a police check as we worked in schools, care homes, respite facilities , courts , childrens homes etc

company policy :idea:
err i beg to differ

i had to have a police check.

Are we surprised............... :LOL:

and passed

thats the frightening bit
there are those that can, and they do.

there are those that cant and they teach, I have difficulty with the self appointed title of proffesional :evil:
looks bad, policewomen and they dont know the law :eek:

there is criminal law and brussels law no fu**ER knows brussels law
except the beurocrats that keep this country in the pathetic state its in enforcing it. while the rest of europe does just as it pleases.

Example I am not a smoker but my wife is, spent july in spain every restaurant had an ashtray or a smoking section when I say restaurant i mean proper restaurant not fast food. this country, you cant even smoke within 1.5 meters of the door but over there the attitude was to completely ignore the smoking ban.

CRB checking for child minding has set up another Quango to police it
and another tax to pay to be checked, if you are a housewife who looks after other peoples kids £65.00 i think.

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