My nero express wont execute to copy dvd on burner?

24 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
Greetings I have the nero express software that is suppose to allow me to make a copy of legal movie I have downloaded into the computer and when I use nero it does nothing, yes my sony dvd burner is connected and on with a blank dvd enclosed wonder if you have that problem to????
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Make sure you have selected the DVD tab and not the CD/R tab.
Thanks mate I checked that part too , sorry I came in to check for solutions, I was away from my computer, yes I still have de problem,,, arent there any computer nerds out there.................................. :rolleyes:
You haven't really given us much to go on. Is it just this file that you can't burn? What type of file? Is it encrypted in any way? Any Nero logs? What type of system/OS/Other software?

We can't see your system, so too much info is better than too little. If you want remote access help, email me. Address in profile.
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some programs don't run properly under windows xp due to the protection microsoft have installed into it if you find the nero directory under c:\program files\ahead\nero right click the executable file for nero and select the tab that says -run as- put the bullet into, the following user: and type your username and password
I had this problem, worth noting that from the startsmart first page you have options for CD/DVD or just DVD, dont know why but it only works from the DVD only option.