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11 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
So yeah, we need to get rid of a mouse infestation. They've been having the run of the place for a while I think. I'm hoping this is the right place to ask.


I have two types of trap currently. The traditional traps, which seem to be not sensitive enough - as evidenced by finding the bait having gone and the trap not snapped!

And these sort
which seem to lack power - I've had a mouse caught in one and still alive, but injured, leaving me the unpleasant job of dispatching it.

Do you have any recommendations for something sensitive - so the mice don't just get a free lunch! - but powerful?]

I don't want to use poison, because I'm worried the mice would die somewhere inaccessible.


I know of the ultrasonic sort, but am loathe to use them - I'm not convinced they won't bother other wildlife.
But I've also heard that mice are repelled by an ordinary blacklight (UV light). Is this correct?


I've identified the most probably entry point - a gap around a wastepipe that isn't properly sealed. What's the best way to seal this? It goes through a solid brick wall, the brickwork seems a bit deteriorated.
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I'm not being crass, but a cat will do the job extremely efcciently and permanently.

I've yet to know any of these gizmos work very well to be honest.
I bring my ferrets in every day for an hour, not had any mice now :D
Animals aren't really a viable option for us. Mainly because of the cost. Food isn't so bad, but vet bills can get way too expensive.
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You must be setting trap incorrectly never had one fail, primed with dog food, they love it.
I'm not entirely sure HOW a trap can be set incorrectly? Sprung part is pulled back, bar goes across, bump on on bar engages notch in trigger, bait on end of trigger. They certainly snap if I gently poke the trigger with a pencil.

Though I have run across a blog post,
assuming the picture is what they have, that's the same model trap I have, and it failed for them too. Maybe this brand of mousetraps are just crap.
It might sound daft but in the past I've tied the bait onto the trap with a single strand of wire. Also, I smoothed of the end of the "trigger" where it goes through the hole, I also put a wee touch of Vaseline on there to make sure it releases easily. I also set my traps in a way that mouse has to approach from the direction most likely to catch it.
Ideally place in a corner and allow approach from one direction, none of my traps have a notch on wire, maybe thats why the snap so easy.
I seem to have mice wherever I live! Killed loads - traps are OK - but I find the rentokil pre baited traps best - opaque plastic tunnels with green stuff inside - instant death!!! They don't go anywhere to stink the place out - just die on the spot - fantastic. Get them in B&Q!
Best in a dark place against the wall - or near anything they are keen to eat.
Bit more pricey but worth it IMO.
Turns out I was using the traps wrong! I've now figured out how to anchor the bait properly, so the mouse can't just lightly lift it off, and they're getting caught.

Selwyn, I take it you're referring to traps that physically capture the mice and contain a poison bait? Similar to a live-catch trap, but with poison within. I could give them a try if what I'm currently using doesn't work.
From my own experience I've found that a trap will only work for a number of times before the mice, or rats for that matter, will start to avoid them.I don't know wheather the vermin can sense some sort of "smell of death" on them or what but regular replacement does solve the problem.
I also have a humane trap that works well too. It comprises a steel box bated inside and the mouse triggers a sprung loaded door when it enters. It's large enough for rats too and have caught them in it as well, but really stops being a humane trap when I immerse it in a bucket of water to drown my catch.
One other thing about bloking holes, wire wool is very good against rodent type vermin as they don't like trying to chew though it. I've seen expanded foam chewed through, could you possibly point up any holes?
Can speak from experience here,being a veteran mouse trapper !

We had an infestation when next door did a loft conversion, managed to bag a total of 21 before it went quiet.

Dont bother with metal traps, i never ever had any success with those, but got for the wooden type "little nipper" its called.

Set it as fine as you can, and just a little of the green mouse bait sprinkled on the trap.

Dont try and put the seed on the prongs just sprinkle a small amount on the trap after its set, but careful when you do it.

Make sure its nowhere near to young kids fingers and set it out of the way in the dark, again away from young uns and pets.

Only issue is that when the trap goes off the seed gets flung everywhere but the hoover sorts that.

Its fine putting the green seed "warfarin" out on its own but the little buggers eat it and run off and die, then end up smelling somwhere later.

I had 21 over three weeks, before it went quiet.

Caught one under the bed at 2am in the morning, wife one side me the other......despatched it with a maglite !

Even tried the humane way, chasing it towards a box with my hand, but it went for my hand to leave me with a mouse dangling from my bleeding finger....needless to say it too met its maker....and a trip to the hospital for a tetnus for me !

Dont bother with cheese for bait.....they dont like it !

Jacobs crackers, Ritz, and chocolate, also rice krispies all work well.
I've been having success with small pieces of brown bread for bait. Haven't been counting but I reckon we've had about half a dozen so far. I blocked the probable entry point with expanding foam too, so hopefully no more should be able to get in the house. Unless of course they chew through it...mortar probably would have been better, but I wanted something quick and easy; I've never done anything with brickwork before and filling an awkward shaped hole around a drainpipe doesn't seem like the best of places to start.

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