Neighbours new extension (and attaching it to ours)

Thanks, all.

Am I wrong in thinking that any footings have to take up to a two storey extension just in case they decided to go upwards as well at a later date? The builder does plan on footings right next to our extension so I don't think a stud wall on the slab has crossed his mind. If he did build a stud wall on the slab could they still extend upwards as they'll be no footings on that side of the extension? Would the joists for a second floor run perpendicular to the house so that this wouldn't be an issue?

I like your point about damp between the two houses, woody. Our extension runs right up to the boundary.

joinerjohn, I believe planning permission isn't needed as it's going to be 3m in length?

P.S. the builder in question is her brother.
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I'm with Woody on this one. By all means cover your back, and aim to get some sort of recompense for them building off of it.
Plus get a copy of plans or at least a detailed method statement of how they intend to construct it, which you could ask an independent third party to OK before they proceed.
All paid for by them of course.

Maybe even insist on them taking out an indemnity insurance, or similar in case it all goes tits up?
I've just spoken to my local planning and building control departments and their response is; PWA, read it and decide yourself/get legal advise.

The extension is going to happen regardless. The type of house ours is, I really don't think it'll affect the value at all. How I see it...

Advantages of letting them adjoin to ours:
- no gap for damp
- no footings if the build a stud wall directly off the slap
- better heat insulation on that side

Disadvantages of letting them adjoin to ours:
- noise (it will only attached to our kitchen though)
- disturbance of our footings if they decide to dig them

Advantages of not letting them adjoin to ours:
- noise insulation
- no modification to our building

Disadvantages of not letting them adjoin to ours:
- potential damp problems
- hostility with the neighbours
- digging of footings

I'm inclined to think that letting them adjoin to ours is the best option, but getting all their plans in writing, and even push for an independent surveyor to oversee the work.

Can anyone confirm that they don't need footings if they adjoin to our wall, and just build a stud wall off the concrete slab (as woody said)? It seems the most logical thing to do. What about if they decide to go two storeys in the future...would this still be an option?

Many thanks for all your help and advice on this,

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