Extending over detached garage that’s attached to neighbours garage

13 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
I’m hoping you all could help me!
We moved into a 3 storey semi detached new build around 6 years ago.
We have a detached garage which is attached to my neighbours garage in between our two houses (there house is detached to the right of ours). We have steps between the garage and house which leads to the garden at the rear which is accessed from the first floor.
My big question is to see whether extending over this garage is even feesible? As our bedrooms are on the 2nd (top) floor meaning it would be a 2 storey extension over the garage. And would effectively mean next doors garage would be attached to our house. My thought is that it wouldn’t be possible. You can tell I have no idea!

But we would ideally like to make our children’s bedrooms bigger as they are very small and other than this we would need to do a double storey rear extension, which I don’t think our attached neighbours would approve.
Alternatively I think it would probably be easier to move!
I’ll try to attach our floor plans too.
Thanks in advance!


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Those bedrooms are tiny aren't they...whatever persuaded you to buy it, it isn't easy on the eye either (to me it looks too tall and skinny).

I was wondering about that void on the ground floor, presumably the back garden is high.

Personally think you'd do better with a rear extension (at 1st/2nd floor level) if you can spare the garden, attaching to yr neighbours is always a poor idea & i doubt you'd get pp.

Do you have any permitted development rights (you should be able to determine this from the original grant of pp on your councils website). Or any restrictive covenants? Leasehold orfreehold (if leasehold, good luck trying to sell)
It's technically feasible to extend, but the crucial issue will be you council's local planning policies and especially how any side extension will look in relation to the gap and house on the left. Attaching the garages to the house wont be an issue.

Also if there are any restrictive covenants placed on the property by the developer, which may prevent such extensions.
Thanks for both your replies.
We bought it mostly because of area for schools and motorway links, and at the time was top of our budget. We do really like the style of house, it’s just the bedrooms that’s the issue and figuring out a way to extend them that won’t annoy either neighbour. It is leasehold, but the majority of the houses on our estate are leasehold also.
I’ll ask the developer if there are any restrictions regarding extensions.
I did email our developer about a rear extension and they said they would need to see plans which is understandable. I haven’t asked about extending over the garage, it is set back from the front of the house with a driveway in front.

Initially we thought of a rear extension as our neighbours were also thinking the same so there wouldn’t be restrictions in terms of blocking their light. But they seem unsure now as they don’t want to lose garden space. Our garden is quite big for a new build, about 13m long and 8m wide so we can lose a bit of garden and still have a decent sized space.
Thanks for your advice!
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Can you build up into the loft for a bigger 3rd bedroom and knock the current 2nd and 3rd through to make a bigger 2nd?
Can you build up into the loft for a bigger 3rd bedroom and knock the current 2nd and 3rd through to make a bigger 2nd?

Loft would seem easier, but I suspect those bedroom ceiling extend partially into that loft already, judging by the upper window.

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