Nest and Google two homes with same name how do I cure?

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
It seems when Google took over Nest it has resulted in my having two homes with same name and address, which is stopping my wife accessing the Nest Gen 3 thermostat.

Any idea how to merge both accounts?
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Is she having issues with accessing the nest by the App?

Google has wanted everyone to migrate from their old nest accounts to a Google account since 2019.

I may be wrong, but if you have migrated your account to Google, the nest account will become defunct. EDIT: 'Migration is optional and, once completed, is not reversible'

If you both have Google accounts, you could try and setup a home group:
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Doesn't this just highlight the ludicrous situation where one has to have a working account with a remote organisation via an internet connection before one can alter the thermostat in the living room.
The thermostat can be manually altered, and it is in the hall which is about centre of the house, I read there are going to be temperature sensors released which will mean it will read temperature in other parts of the house, however up to date it seems that 2 years ago "Nest has not added the remote temp function to the UK nest yet, when you try to connect one it says it is not compatible and to wait for the feature to be added in a firmware update." but can't find out if this has happened yet.

Most "Smart" thermostats link to the TRV, and one reason for getting Nest was I already had Energenie MiHome TRV heads which were claimed to link to Nest, however the link worked when using app, but not when it was a scheduled change or simply turned the dial, and it seems support was removed when google took over Nest.

The link also worked wrong way around, Nest told the TRV what setting was set, not the TRV telling Nest when heat was required, so simply set same schedule on both TRV and wall thermostat.

I then could not get phone to work Nest, and idea is when both phones leave the house the heating auto turns down, and the amount is seems is dictated by distance from home, so it can reheat home in time for return.

It seemed to work well, until this year, and I found wife's phone not linked, so if I go out the heating will only switch on if some one walks past the thermostat in the hall which has a built in PIR so if it detects some one at home it does turn on heating. The gen 2 did not do that, remember phoning son to put on heating in his house.
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Yes and No, as said two login with same name, it shows she is not on Nest and directs to open home app, and when I open that she is already a member, it has two home apps, both with same name, on one I have three email addresses as wife has two email addresses, and the other two email addressed so since already registered I can't add her.

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