new brakes,spongy pedal

20 May 2006
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United Kingdom
hi i have just changed front and rear pads and parking brake shoes on my ford explorer.The pedal feels spongy, not all the time every now and then.The fluid was not very low so i dont think air has got in.If i push pedal and then release and push pedal again straight away the pedal is solid.would bleeding them solve or is it where the brakes are bedding in .Any help would be great thanks pete
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The most likely causes are a sticking piston or a sticking pad.

Either way, as things bed in and then wear, both of these will diminish and disappear.

Did you clear out the rusty deposits from the pad guides in the caliper? Did you use any brake grease (or Copaslip) to help things along?
It wouldnt do any harm to give them a bleed anyway. Brake fluid doesnt last forever, so bleed a good amount through from each wheel, start furthest from the master cylinder.