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New metal roof/ insulation

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by Donnaidh, 23 May 2019.

  1. Donnaidh


    31 Mar 2011
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    United Kingdom
    Hi folks, liking for a bit of advice. I've bought an old cottage with adjoining outbuilding. At some time in the past they were joined together but the doorways been bricked up, I plan to open this up and use the new space as the living room. This part has an old corrugated iron roof which is rotten, as are the timbers underneath, and everything inside needs taken back to the old (2ft thick) walls.

    So far so good! What I want to do is open the roof right back so that the rafters are showing but I'm getting conflicting advice about the best way to go about insulating the new roof. I've got a local source if relatively cheap hardwood for the rafters but budget is a big consideration in everything else.

    I'm not a builder but am pretty competent at following instructions

    Any advice welcome, thanks

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