New porch and garage door front, roof ideas

2 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all, first post on here so be gentle ..

The current porch is nasty, so it's coming down. Got new door and Windows on the way. I want to make better use of the side of the house and to also make it more private. I want to to rebuild the porch, exact size and shape as before, but to carry the roofline along to next doors extension so that I can put a roller garage door on the front.
Seeing as the side of the roof which adjoins to next doors flat roof will leave a small wedge shape visible from the side, I guess I'd just fill that in with fascia board or similar?
I'd then do the same at the rear of the new roof where it goes down to meet the current sloping carport roof.
Then, will fit some double doors at the rear of the carport to close it off.
Basically making a budget garage.
Sound ok or is there any way I can improve the idea whilst keeping the spend low?
Thanks. Oh and got a builder coming round tomorrow night to give his opinion, but I'd be interested in others views too ta.


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