No Nonsense matt emulsion Vs Bare Plaster Paint

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Not sure about your actual question but if you just paint normal paint straight on plaster there is a good chance you will have no problem whatsoever lol. That said it doesn't adhere at all well and if any issues present the whole lot will peal and will not be easy to cover. Just get some cheap emulsion and dilute with water for a base coat.
I came on here for advice on this too!

was advised by the guy at B+Q that we could put a layer of diluted PVA glue on first? He said it would seal the plaster..

prefer to have a "we wont do it again for 5 years" method even if it takes a bit longer ( we have reskimmed almost the entire house!!! )
Pva will do a good job too. You may get away with it but any damp still in there will bring it off. Worse still you may think it's all great until years later you try to paint it again and all of a suden chunks of pain are peeling off on to your roller.
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None. The glue stops the paint from touching the plaster, never mind soaking in and adhering. Don't use it.

Since PVA is soluble, it will go soft and is liable to blister if damp.
AS above just use paint its not worth it. The PVA will seal the plaster but it may peel later. Just dilute some cheap paint
The mat contract paint needs to be diluted first about 50/50 to seal in any dust, and seal the top surface of the plaster. You can't use vinyl paint on new plasters, as it won't let the plaster breath, whereas matt contract paint will, and the bare plaster paint as well. Looking at the reviews, it's set and ready to go, and most reviewers say two coats and the jobs done. With the contract mat, you'll need to do a diluted coat, and then more than likely, 2 coats of undiluted contract matt, so it's down to you as to the route you take.
so seems like 2 coats of the bare plaster paint first would be a labour saver? then stick a colour top coat( or 2 ) on a day or so after?
I'd leave it a bit longer before putting the colour coat on; but putting 2 coats of bare plaster paint on, and then putting on the colour coat is going to be expensive. A mist coat to seal the plaster, and then colour coats (with possibly a coat of matt contract in between) would work out the cheapest route. My previous post worked on the assumption that the bare plaster paint would be your top coat.
so mist coat is well diluted paint of any colour.. so just buy the cheapest white matt emulsion I can find? then

I am planning to do the ceilings in new plaster paint linked above.

actually the no name emulsion watered down looks good for mist coat-

water down as much as 40%?

I could let it dry for a week? no heating in the house now. freeeeezing in there!
I'm sure there used to be a sticky thread on PVA and paint.

PVA is used to prepare a wall for plastering. Never for paint.

I used Leyland Super Leytex. Easy to apply. Never had any problems with it or the top coats

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