Noise is driving me CRAZY!!

25 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Please someone help me sort my heating noises out!!

Whenever I run the hot tap (more usually the shower though) the CENTRAL HEATING pipes make an incredible noise. like an aeroplane landing or something. Im certain its the central heating pipes (although it only happens when the hot water is turned on) because i can feel the pipes vibrating.

Why the hell would this happen? We have a combi boiler so its all connected in one way or another, but surely this couldnt make this much noise. How can i cure it?!!


ps, this has only just begun happening. Prior to this the central heating used to make a very quiet vibrating, almost like a hum, but turning the hot tap on STOPPED it (ie the other way round to what is happening now!) confused!
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Probably something up with your combi boiler - it has the hot water and central heating water going through it, and there are many more heating circuit pipes, so more noise.

Get boiler serviced at least?
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ok well the boiler is a worcester combi. Not sure what model but its similar to the 240 model, looks almost identical. Im not sure what other info i can give you, but the whole system has been maintained by British Gas by the previous owner until 12 months ago.

Ive re-plumbed the water system since we moved in, but left the central heating as it was.

any other info needed, please ask and i will find it!!
oh, and had it serviced after id replumbed the water, and the guys said there was nothing wrong with it and everything was fine, and promptly charged us £120!!
Ive re-plumbed the water system since we moved in, but left the central heating as it was.

Please dont take offence, but are you competent to re-plumb??
If there are no problems with the new pipework then I would look at the possibility of scale build up in the heat exchanger.
haha. Im a kitchen fitter by trade, so mostly deal with timber, but obviously there is alot of plumbing involved in a kitchen.

Im not saying im competent enough to plumb in a boiler, but hot and cold water is pretty basic plumbing when all is said and done do you not agree?!
Yes please dont think i was being insulting, just wanted to check, sorry.
Like I said it could be scale build up in the heat exchanger, If it has a plate exchanger this is most likley the case, but without knowing the model its hard to tell.
kitchen fitter you said it.
now that tells a plumber alot about the quality of your plumbing.

just hope you've hidden your stopcock aswell.
Does it still do it if you turn your mains stop cock down to restrict the flow a bit?

We had the exact same symptoms. The permanent solution was a pressure regulator fitted under the kitchen sink, to restrict the 8 bar incoming pressure down to about 4 bar.
well one thing i have just remembered might help out....

When we moved in the pressure on the hot water was pitiful. As in the bath would be cold by the time it filled. Called a plumber out and he said he didnt know what the problem was (but agreed there was a problem - go figure!!) He said he removed a flow control valve which increased the pressure and said this would be good enough for a fix.
Ahh see its amazing what a little information can do, try what mikeyd said.
seco services, whats your problem?!!

Typical essex ***** cowboy im guessing, feeding your inflated ego by trying to help DIYers (DIY website remember) and when your amazing extended knowledge doesnt know something you slate them for being a DIYer on a DIY website, probably ****ed off coz you cant charge £££ for the ****e job youve attempted, again.

Sort yourself out.
yeah cheers everyone, ill get back on the phone to the plumber and get him here to sort it!!

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