Noisey Central Heating Pump

8 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
I have had a new boiler installed and a pump which is about 8 or 9 yrs old.

It's a British Gas Multi Head II pump with a number ending E1201.

My system gets air in the tap system quite a lot, is an open head system as described in some other threads with an overhead tank in the loft.

Now I've tried reading how this air accumilates in the system and I understand it may be as a result of the tank in the loft allowing the air to be sucked in. I have not bled the system cold, only when it's hot so I'll try that later as I was under the impression the system needs to be pumping to bleed it ( novice! )

However, the pump just now seems to be 'rattling' inside and I have read here that one can bleed the pump. There's a black central 'nut' in the middle of the pump if I am looking at it face on the round casing which has all the printed data on it so can anyone tell me if it is something I can easily do or do I need to get a plumber in to do it? ( I've rebuilt a car and stripped an engine down so using a spanner is not something which troubles me, I just don't want to open up something I know nothing about and flood the place!)

Might be worth mentioning that when the new boiler was installed the plumber so called 'power flushed ' the radiators, but not the piping as he felt the pressure in the flushing process might disturb the joints in the system and could land me with leaks under the floorboards flooding the place. The house is 20 yrs old. Not sure if he cleaned out the tank in the roof or not. He was pretty professional and conscientious so I don't think he was in any way skimping and doing a cheapo cowboy job.

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