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2 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom
I took the old pull switch down from the bathroom as it was in a mess. I'm moving the switch to outside of the bathroom on the wall as a standard 1 gang wall switch. Inside the old pull switch was 2 red, 2 black and 2 bare (sleeved green) cables. One red (I marked it with black marker when I took the cover off) was connected to the socket marked "2 way common" and the light fitting. The other red was connected to an unmarked socket and the mains supply from my fuse box. The was another socket but with no brass terminal inside it with nothing in it. The 2 bare cables were twisted together, then had green sleeving over then and were connected to the brass terminal inside the housing screwed to the ceiling. The 2 black cables were twisted together and screwed into a terminal block that was just left there.
In the new switch, should the red from the fuse box go to common and the red from the light go to L1? Also, what do I do with the black and green cables in the new switch? Do they go as they were or something else?


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should the red from the fuse box go to common and the red from the light go to L1?

Also, what do I do with the black and green cables in the new switch? Do they go as they were or something else?
The green (should be green and yellow now but not that important) should be connected to the CPC(earth) in your new bit of cable and connected to the switch, if metal, or terminated in the back box.

The blacks should be left connected together - at the ceiling.
You should use something like this at the ceiling
if it will remain accessible, or this
if not accessible (or either way).
Thanks for that.
I've been looking at the socket on my kitchen wall as once the bathroom work is done, I'm moving onto the kitchen.
The kitchen switch is a 2 gang switch. One switch controls the kitchen light and the other controls the light between the kitchen and bathroom. Inside the socket, the red live from the fuse box is in the common socket. There is then a red wire from that common socket to the next common socket at the side of it. Again the black wires are together and the green wires are together. It seems like the red wire connecting both commons is acting as a loop through supplying the live from one switch to the other. I will be replacing that socket eventually but should there be 2 red wires coming from the fusebox instead of one? It looks like the light between the kitchen and bathroom was put in some time after the kitchen light.
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You are correct and it is fine as it is - quite normal - more than two switches with link wire if you need.
So if I wanted to turn it into a 3 gang switch, I would wire as is in the new switch and take a brown piece of cable from the COM of the 2nd switch to the COM of the 3rd switch so they are daisy chained together? Live from fuse box to com1, com1 linked to com2, com2 linked to com3?
Thanks for the help. Its greatly appreciated. Would I be able to put an outside light on the 3rd switch? Just a basic waterproof one with a normal energy saving bayonet cap bulb in it? Or would that have to go on its own in the fuse box as its outside? Or uld it put too much load on he circuit? I'm just trying to figure a few things out for when I get round to doing the kitchen.
Yes you can do that -

although an outside light would be better with a double pole (L & N) switch in case it ever leaks and needs to be isolated -

but the L wiring would be by the same method.

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