old open flue



i have a old oil boiler and i am going to get it serviced, just wondering are all flues on open flue boilers made of stainless steel cause the flue on my boiler does not look like its stainless steel not sure what its made of, its a very grey colour and it rises horizontal from boiler. so is there any other types of materials old flues are made of. just so when a FGA is done on it can a hole be drilled in flue. if anybody knows what the hell i am on about please write back thank you
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so as regards doing a FGA would i be right in saying that a hole could not be drilled in the flue as for it would crack and break and for the fact that aspetos is very dangerous. so would the only option be to get up to the termination point at the cowl for axcess
you shouldn't be drilling into the flue to use a FGA. The FGA should be inserted via the down draught diverter, your flue is, as all old flue are ,made of asbestos cement often called nuarastone (not correct spelling but you get the picture). An open flued boiler should be stripped and cleaned and a Fga used at end after fully cleaning burner and heat exchanger.
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If its metal then it can be galvanised steel attracted by a magnet.

Thanks lads, i suppose the only way is to manage to get up at the cowl to take a FGA cause no draught divertor rather than drilling a hole in the flue. does anyone have any other ideas
I presume you have an oil fired boiler.
It is quite normal to drill the flue for FGA.
Just seal the hole with fire cement afterwards.
Who ever services it for you should be au fait with this.
yes it is an oil fired boiler so even if it is an asbestos flue which im pretty sure it is now that ye mentioned it, can it be still safely drilled for the FGA without the asbestos cracking or breaking?
No problem drilling it.
Use a Hoover and DONT use the hammer action/SDS.
it rises horizontal from boiler. . if anybody knows what the hell i am on about please write back thank you
Far Canal. May the road rise up horizontal to meet ye and the sun be allus on yer back ;)
Sorry i mean vertical from boiler, no 45 or 90 degree bends. Your good at the poetry tho :LOL:
it could be vitrous enamel,failing that drill the inspection cover on the top of the boiler where you remove the baffles,or front inspection door,if you insist on drilling the flue make sure you damp it down and use a hollow diamond bit with water feed to keep the particles to a min.foil tape is best to seal the hole or a m10 bolt.

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