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  • Hellgo it's paul again. I said to remind you if I didn't hear in couple of days about the faultfinding PowerPoint. Thanks for your time
    all the best
    Hello kirkgas I have read your post about PowerPoint fault finding information, if possible could you send me that info. After doing installs for forever, I'm getting into breakdowns for
    which electrical stuff is a bit daunting sometimes but I get job satisfaction doing it, so hopefully you can help. Thank you for your time.
    All the best
    Paul known as beckett1.
    Hi kirkgas,

    Been reading through some old posts and noticed you had previously offered to send out a powerpoint pack on fault finding.

    Do you still have a copy you could send me please?

    Thanks in advance
    [email protected]
    Hi kirkgas iam due to do my acs reassesment and wondered if you had a mock paper as iam reading the books but dont feel confident as nothing is sinking in ,i would really appreciate it if you could email me [email protected]
    Contact Nicky McDonald at Clydebank college, tell her you got her name from me
    Kirkgas, I have attended Cardonald College for all my courses.

    I had LPG ticket a while ago, now lapsed. How much is it to get the ticket.

    Often get called to largish properties with U16 meter. Is there any way I could train up to tightness test meters larger than U/E6? Call I dropped recently was a Vokera Compact in an office atop a garage. Needed to carry out gas safety check on the boiler. Did do a commercial ticket many years ago.

    Your input would be welcome


    Arh, I thought you were down south. I'm in North London, I think Scotland is just a bit to far.

    Thanks anyway,

    Hi Kirkgas,

    I've read good things about you in the CC. I'm due to retake my CCN1 etc in April. Where is your place based and do you take the classes?

    All the best,

    Hi, I saw that you have an acs assesment mock paper that you have put together, I am due to do my re-asessments soon, I would be greatful of a copy?
    [email protected]
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