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  • Hi, it's not letting me send you a private message but I'd be grateful for that powerpoint, If I add you as a friend will it then allow me to private message you?
    Cheers, Alex
    Hi Kirkgas, it wont allow me to send you a private message due to settings, if you add me as a friend i can then send a pm, thanks, Dave
    hi kirk was interested in the plans of w,y and s plans that you have if you get time would you be able to forward them on thanks peter
    Hello, sorry to bother you. A chap called mickey g suggested I ask your advice about a boiler/system problem and your profile suggests you know what you are talking about! I'm looking for an engineer in Lanarkshire who can advise me about whats happening as Heatteam don't seem able to do so. Forum postings seem to suggest it might not be my boiler but a problem elsewhere in my system (sticking valve possibly). If you can suggest who would be best to contact about this, I'd be very grateful. Please accept my apologies if this is an intrusion on your weekend!

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