One Cold Radiator

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sorry if im pretty dumb at these things but might be i only have automotive knowledge and not plumbing.
one radiator at top room is cold and i can't get it to drain. this has been a problem for 20 years i've been here. might need to try longer than ten minutes? but could you tell me, referring to the picture shown above, is that the draincock (my usa terminology barrier) that i put the key in to drain on the radiator itself? if so is it simply as easy (or as hard considering my house is 80yrs old) as wrenching it off and beating easily on a pin i will see and recognize once removed?
and do i have to turn anything off first? sorry, but i dont know how to do that and cant determine which pipes are which 2 floors down.
thanks for any help.
Fixed the heating in my room, now I can afford to eat this monnth. Been a hard month, what with the credit crunch. Just started a undergrad at the LSE. Not a good month for starting a law degree. Only did it cause my mom told me too.

She says "do a law degree, you will never have any problems". Well shes blind now, bet she didnt see that coming..

anyways. Thanks for the plumbing tip.

The postings are 3 YEARS old :)


I am sure that the OP is a patient person Guru and waited untill these two joined the forum


thats the way the forum has / is going, you are allowed top add your comment to a post even if it is 5 years old. admin don't care.

I have complained that you shouldnt be allowed to under the hi jacking rule, but i am now told that you can.

take this post as an example, ok he said thanks, but the post was started 11 months ago, no one now cares what happend with a post that was started 11 months ago, yes, glad it helped, but it also says yopu can hijack old posts, its just not right
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hi does anyone know why i would have one cold rad when the others are hot? the water is running through the rad as when i open the bleed valve the water squirts out but it just wont heat up
1st Class guys. A tap on the brass pin was all it needed.

Before I saw this post I had the radiator off (big heavy double) and drained looking for sludge. I was then seconds away from ordering a replacement TRV.

Cyber beer to the poster who suggested the fix.

Wow thanks for this! Found it on Google, and now my bathroom rad works, proving that girls too can be handy with a hammer and a bit of wellie :D
Thanks to Kevplumb, Brummylad and others for the advice about unsticking the pin in the TRV. Might be old posts but still just as valid - and the pin only needed a light tap with the back of the spanner, no violence with claw hammers!

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