One downstairs Radiator cold?

5 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Dear members, I have an old Ideal Vulcan Rs55 boiler with gravity fed hot water and pump based central heating.

The piping of my radiators in house is such that 4 radiators are end ones, i.e the pipes end there.

Now the situation is:
1. The radiator in Kitchen (end one) is forever closed through isolating valve as we did not need it so far.

2. If I open the valves of one end radiator upstairs, the BIG downstairs (living room) radiator starts to get warm (not hot though) but the hot water stops (water does not get warmer in the copper tank, already heated water remains there though, so no drainage from tank). I have HEAT ON, WATER ON on my central heating setting.

3. If I shut the valve of the same end radiator upstairs, the downstairs radiator gets very cold (frozen) but hot water starts warming up in the copper tank and keeps getting hotter untill I open the valve of the same upstairs radiator again.

Its very hard for my wife to keep up with this task and lately, I have broken the valve knob of the upstairs radiator whlie trying to shut it with a plier. Now we don't get any heat at all in the downstairs living room and the water in copper tank keeps getting too hot.

Please note that there is another BIG radiator (end one) by the entrance which is always super hot, regardless of my valve setting of upstairs radiator.

I have also tried bleeding all the radiators endless times. I switch off the central heating and bleed the downstairs radiators first before doing the upstairs ones.

Funny as it may sound, I have started to lose hair scratching my head now.. :)

Members, please help!

Kind regards!

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Thanks Kev, I am not sure if this is to do with balancing. As water starts to flow through one radiator if I OPEN another radiator, not Close, which is ironic to concept of balancing..

Still what I am planning to do next is to put 2 new valves on upstairs radiator. One of them is currently TRV, and I am going to replace it with normal angled radiator valvle and then re-adjust the flow again.. :confused:

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