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4 Mar 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi just found this forum while looking for information for my step daughter - so these ar the questions

she has just moved into a rented property and the landlord is converting the old outhouse (attached to main building ) to a bathroom and toilet thus giving an extra bedroom in the property
I've just visited and was dismayed at what I saw
a) the room has had tiles applied directly to a single skin exteria wall
b) the roof space has been plasterboarded unshure if insulation has been installed
my question is this are there regulations governing these types of convershions regarding Thermal qualitys ?
I think I've already found information regarding exterior walls but struggling to find info regarding what in affect is a slopping wooden roof with no fittet at present ...
I would really appreciate any help / advice as my step daughter has a toddler and a baby and I intend to go to town with the agent tomorrow.

Ohh also forgot to mention she is still waiting for the toilet and bath to be fitted so has no amenity's

Thank you in anticipation
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speak to the local council planning - anon tip off. or give building control a ring and ask what they know about it.

if he's doing it illegally and on the cheap, then his plumber, spark and builder are likely have comboy tendencies also......
Thanks for that -
stage one e-mailed agents and demanded site meeting in next 48 hrs
Stage two - hopefully get problems sorted quickly
Stage Three - put step daughter in hotel and take agent to court for hotel bill (don't know if this will work but I'm in a bloody mood)
stage 4 - report agent - landlord to any body and every body --make their life as hellish as my step daughters

copy of e-mail sent to agent and landlord (can't wait to go head to head :evil: )
Thanks again for advice it has been taken on board - :)

I am the step father of a Miss S H , who resides (or should I say survives) at 3 W er rd., C ck, after a visit yesterday I was appalled to see the condition of the said property,Firstly she is in a dwelling that is not fit for human habitation
a) NO TOILET facility's
b) No Bathing facility's (kitchen sink only)
c) No HOT water
d) On top of this I observed that a trench in the passage between the house and bathroom conversion was not only OPEN but had no Warning signs or covers over it thus presenting itself as a Health and Safety issue
e) External inspection cover in the rear garden left off, again with no warning signs or barriers, again Health and Safety
f) Tiles in the bathroom conversion have been applied to a single skin external wall and unless you intend to build a secondary wall on the exterior I believe that this will contravene the building regulations regard thermal property's
(Building Regulations - If you plan to convert any part of your house into a room to be used as habitable space, you will need to comply with government building regulations -)
External walls are considered to be thermal elements (defined in Regulation 2a of the Building Regulations 2000 (as amended).
It is likely that a renovation of a thermal element will trigger a requirement to upgrade the thermal insulation of that element at the same time

I would also add that this thermal consideration applies to the roof space as well.

I will there fore be phoning yourself On Monday the 5th March 2012 before midday and I would appreciate it if you could be available, with the view of having a on site meeting with your self within the next 48 hrs., if this is not possible my number is 07
We would like to resolve this situation amicably, but I must stress to you that I am not at all happy with these living condition considering that there is a baby and a toddler also livening at no 3 Wter rd., Cck.
And Miss H had to move into the property on the 28th February 2012 as this was the date that you told her hence she gave notice at her pervious property and could not stay after the agreed date,
If your council has a Private Sector Housing team then they might also be able to inspect the property to see if it is s fit and sound property to rent under the Housing Act. I'd its not then they have powers to prevent the property being rented if it is very bad.
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That's a big post, and it would take a big reply ... but I'll give you the short one

Phone up the Council, Environmental Protection team, and request that an Environmental Health Officer visits to carry out an inspection under the HHSRS (Housing Health ans Safety Rating System). Google for more info

The building regs thing is nothing to do with the tenant, so she can't insist on anything. However it may come into play under the HHSRS inspection or if she pursues the matter under other legal options

If there was no water then that is a breach of the landlords obligations, so negotiate a reduction or a rent-free period.

Other options are a claim via a Solicitor under tenancy law (Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and Environmental Protection Act 1990 if you want to research). The Housing Act(s) wont be that relevant

A factor will be - what type of tenancy is it, and whether full market rent is charged
Hi thanks everyone for your input, it's really helpfull

UPDATE after meeting with landlord it seems that the builder was given the project management and to say the least is not very good the landlord has now told myself that I can oversee the work and insist that jobs be put right, at present this seems to be working only had to two confrontations so far but I'm thinking more are on the horizon, but at least it's getting done to a good standard now.
Thanks again everyone.


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