overflow to waste pipe - what kind of pipe or adaptors

16 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Good Morning,

Ive got a blanco sink and an insinkerator food disposal system. Fitting them together for the normal waste was problem free, the instructions are spot on... the issue is for the sink overflow.
Blanco package the sink with the overflow for their own waste system (rightly so), but nothing comes with the insinkerator which allows a connection from the sink's overflow to either the insinkerator or more preferred option the u bend.

Blanco's kit has a piece which fits the back of the sink, and drops below the base, where a second piece would then attach to the drain at the bottom of the sink. The piece at the bottom is replaced so i can not use the provided blanco piece. The waste out on the insinkerator has a capped connector for the overflow which is where i would like to connect it, but cant seem to find any flexible pipes which would allow me to connect the two..

Any ideas on the type of pipe required? only need a piece approx 30cm long but ideally flexible.
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Do you really want to use a flexi pipe ;);) I would suggest going to a local DIY shed where various wastes etc. are on display in plastic bags. Take your fitting with you and see if it is compatible with the long pipe usually found with bath waste/overflows - find a cheap one. I have known people make a small hole in the plastic bag to see if things fit, others take one or two parts out - that is naughty.
I was hoping to use flexi as it would mean there wouldn't be as much possibility of an uphill leg, but then its about getting the right fittings, any fittings which work!

Cant take fittings with me, thats part of the problem! sink is fitted along with the overflow...
So i took the original waste outlet that the overflow would plug into, could not find a pipe that fit in selco, (bigger then 22mm but seems smaller then 25mm), but happily found a number of kits which had the same overflow pipe, though found not coupler to join my existing to new...

going to go to a plumbers merchant tomorrow to see what they can offer...
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Just to close this off, the pipe from the overflow was 22mm inside, so approx 24mm external.

Ended up getting 1m of flexi 25mm tube off ebay, a pair of jubilee clips and on the waste side i used standard washing machine connector.

Not elegant, but better then water going to the bottom of the cupboard!

Nothing in any of the DIY's or selco etc that would have fit between the two! both blanco and insinkinator washed their hands of it!

On the plus side, while doing this i found the 10mm fresh water connector on my tap was slowly dripping so that got fixed at the same time - note to self - don't use JG speedfit push fit where the pipe on one side is a little short (the o ring is in the middle of the fitting, where as polypipe has then at the end!)

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