Paint external pebbledash and clean brickwork

16 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'd like to paint the pebbledash on my external walls white and clean up the exposed brickwork to get it looking like new too.

1) What kind of paint do I need and how much would it cost? Is it simply a case of painting directly on to the pebbledash or do I have to prep it in any way?

2) How should I go about cleaning the brickwork? Pressure wash? Brick cleaning acid? Which is best?

3) Can anyone recommend any specific products to do these jobs?

Thanks for your help.
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have not painted pebbledash but have painted a variety of renders on external walls. i can't see much difference - suggest you try a small area that's not too prominent to see how it looks. i use external masonary paint and buy from wickes based on price. I buy a lot of other paint from the Crown Decorating Centres who say i should use Sandtex (higher price but much longer life). if it was for my own house i would probably use the sandtex.

i've only cleaned brickwork with brick cleaning acid and it works fine. a pressure washer is perhaps worth a try 1st if you can loan one as the acid would be a much harder job (i use a yard brush and then hose). you need make sure you protect your eyes and skin as you can easily get splashed.
Thanks loads.
A few more question please.

Would it be cheaper to buy or hire a pressure washer? What do you think both of these options would cost? Where would be the best place to buy/hire this?

Also, how do you think the finish of a pressure washer would compare to using brick cleaning acid? How should the acid applied to the bricks?
Is there a system that would allow you to pressure wash the acid on to the walls?

Finally, how many coats of masonary paint do you think would be necessary for the pebbledash wall (it's never been painted before?)

Thanks again for any help you can give.
You don't need a pressure washer before you paint. You'll just as likely blow the pebbledash off or the pointing out the brickwork.

Just use masonry paint and follow the instructions on the can.
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keep the pebbles & bricks separate.

as joe advises for the pebbles straight paint on. you will need 2 coats and a fence painting brush (typ 4x1 brush with long bristles) to apply.

for bricks unless you know someone or intend to buy pressure washer would stay clear. if your not sure it needs the acid i would try a path & patio cleaner and yard brush first. water spray alone is not a good as water and agitation ie brush

using the acid is quite quick, the only trick is keeping yourself above the water so it always runs away from you.

follow the dilution instructions on the container as strong acid will damage the mortar. i use sealoclean from my local builders merchant but sure any make will do.

i use rubber washing up gloves and a hand brush to put it on gently without splashing - just wet the wall. i leave it 20 mins then go over it with the yard brush vigorously. then go over it with the hose and the yard brush gently to wash it all off. wear safety gogles and keep a bucket of clean water and sponge to wash off any splashes on your skin immediately. use old clothes and change straight away when you've finished. do a section ie 1 wall at a time starting at the highest point. keep the diluted mix away from glass.

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