painting onto varnished Woodwork

17 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, a few questions for the experts:)

1) Is it important to use natural bristle with oil base primers/undercoats or is it ok to use regular synthetic brushes?

2) I'm converting all the hall timberwork(stairs and skirting) from a pine varnished finish to white
I tried 1 coat of ronseal all-surface primer/undercoat and dulux(oil) satinwood topcoat as a test but it scrapes off easy enough after.
Will it harden after a period of time or would a couple of coats of each work better? I did sand well beforehand?

3)Is there an oil based primer i can roll on the spindles, i see the dulux trade primer says brush only.
I was browsing previous posts and i saw painters mentioning undercoat straight onto the sanded timber,is that possible as a base or not.

Many thanks in advance :p
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I tend to use synthetic for everything these days, normally Wooster.

Is it the new paint scraping off or is residual varnish coming with it? How soon is soon? How did you clean the sanding dust off? Oil based paints can take months to fully cure.

I'd be inclined to start with a coat of Zinsser BIN (which can be rolled with varying success, it is touch-dry in about ten mins so you need to work quite fast), then go straight for the top coat.
hi thanks

just the new paint after a week or less, yes i wiped down after sanding

will simulated mohair roller do for the bin?
Yeah should be fine. I tend to follow the roller along with a gentle brush as I don't like rolled finish on woodwork, but that's just personal preference. If you want to do this, it must be done immediately because as I mentioned, the BIN starts to dry very fast.

Another tip, if you notice any little specks or nibs in the BIN coat, once it is dry (about an hour or so) you can gently remove them with some 320 grit paper before painting the top coat.
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ok thanks again

i'm also trying to find an oil based primer that i can roll on with a 2" foam roller for the spindles

i see the dulux trade primer is labelled "brush only"- wha's the deal there will it be a mess if rolled ?
You could potentially just roll BIN onto the spindles too using a 2" microfibre. Foam won't work very well with most primers, they get drenched and heavy. Are the spindles shaped? You may struggle to get into the detail with a roller.
thanks , yah they're decorative spindles

i looked for 2" microfiber but didn't see any online

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