painting tool for conservatory? sprayer?

28 Aug 2020
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so I am painting the interior of conservatory this weekend. Have already sanded back the old stain and wiped down. See the pictures attached

I have masked all the windows including glass (because im using integrated masking tape and plastic sheet it was very little extra work to do this)

My plan was to tackle this project with a paint sprayer given all the tight spots and intricate detail around the whole room. is that the right plan?


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hi guys. if you could share your reasons for going the brush route id appreciate it. is it more from a waste of paint or finish or what?
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Quite simply it saves sheeting everything up. Plus that spray has got to be so evenly done. Then you've got the edges of any opening windows!
I have to mask all the windows anyway and I have this maskin tape with plastic sheet built in so its very little work to mask off the entire windows. Essentially I have all the windows completely covered now so the prep is done for both options. Just need to decide which route is best. Would this make any difference to your advice?
What about the window edges? Any opening will need to be open when sprayed otherwise they will stick together.
Personally I haven't masked a window up in over 20 years. Just cut them in with a brush.
You say that you have already applied the masking tape. Have you used 2 foot wide masking tape? Compressor, airless and HVLP spraying will all result in over spray (to varying degrees). Plus, you will need to wear a suitable mask and prevent the overspray from floating around the house. Then factor in the time spent cleaning the gun, and in the case of airless- the gun and lines (plus factor in the cost of the wasted paint in the line, ((assuming that you are not using a handheld airless)) ).

For such a small job, I too would use a brush. A decent 2" brush will cost you about £15. Hiring an airless sprayer will be about £50/60 per day. Oh, and you get to keep the brush when finished.

BTW, I am not anti-spraying. I have sprayed numerous kitchen cabinets/bookcases/etc (normally using acid-cat with HVLP). In 99% of the cases the units were in a workshop and not a house that was occupied.

TBH, I don't think I would consider spraying something that was previously hand painted, unless I was able to sand all of the old paint away first. I really don't see the point of applying an extremely flat spray finish over a (badly?) painted surface. If, for example, repainting a door, I will as a matter of course pay particular attention to where the rails meet the styles so that when I am finished the new tramlines (read: brush strokes) follow the wood grain. If I were to spray, there would be no tramlines at those points, but there would still be old tramlines elsewhere.

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