1. aldg3108

    PVC / Timber door canopy painting

    I’m looking to paint our door canopy white. When we got the survey completed it was stated as PVC and timber. However I want to be sure to get the right paint and prepare the surface correctly. Can anyone provide some insight please?
  2. D

    Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell blistering on bannister

    Hi I painted our bannister and spindles in F&B Estate Eggshell a couple of years ago. I used F&B primer and three top coats. The original bannister was varnish and I sanded this back before priming. All was fine several months. Over time, the paint has blistered on the bannister, but only...
  3. B

    Emulsion smearing / not sticking at internal corners

    Hi... I have an upcoming bit of painting to do but the last few times I've done any I've encountered problems with the emulsion smearing rather than sticking when applied but it only seems to happen at internal corners for two or three inches across each wall. Any ideas why this might be and...
  4. V

    Paint bubbling - specific sections only

    Read a couple of other threads that might go some way to explain this, but was going to post this anyway, just in case they end up being unrelated. Painting my hallway, stairs and landing in the same matt magnolia; all has gone well except for the two opposing stairs walls; about 1-5 mins after...
  5. C

    Mouldy wall, old wallpaper, skim or plaster next?!

    Hi everyone, I’m new here. My partner and I recently bought a terraced house, built around the 60s. The old wallpaper in our bedroom wasn’t done to a great standard, and we also struggle with mould which we think is affecting my partners breathing. We had a survey done when we were buying it...
  6. C

    Did emulsion paint ever contain lead?

    I’ve just stripped the wallpaper off my bedroom, and there is a layer of old yellow emulsion paint The house was built in the 1950s, and I was wondering if emulsion ever contained lead.
  7. C

    Paint colour for an accent wall in a dark room?

    Hi all, I'd like to paint one or two walls in my living room green, but the room doesn't get much natural light (and those walls are the darkest). I found a photo online of the colour I'd like to paint it (attached), but all the samples I've tried look way too dark in the space. The lightest...
  8. C

    Artex or textured paint?

    Our bathroom ceiling has been peeling for a few months maybe a year. I always thought it was textured paint but now I'm not sure after reading about artex. Is there anyway to tell if it's artex or textured paint? It's very thin? I'm absolutely scared now of the dangers of asbestos as we have...
  9. S

    Soffits - spray paint vs roller?

    Does anyone know how much (if any) difference spray painting wooden soffits makes compared to painting with a roller? I originally got quoted £1.3k to get my soffits painted, and was told the paint should last around 5 years before I need to get it replaced. I thought that was a bit pricy, so...
  10. S

    Soffits - Paint or replace?

    Hi all, I've bought a house and the wooden soffits have clearly seen better days (I've attached pictures of the worst bit, just outside the bathroom window). My question is: can I get away with simply getting someone to repaint them, or are they too far gone and need to be replaced? Any advice...
  11. M

    Painting bay window

    Hello - I’ve recently painted wooden panels of a bay window white. Used x2 coats of zinsser 123 primer / stain killer and x2 dukux satinwood. It needs a final coat, likely with wooden roller, to even put some patches. I’m not sure I like the blue undertones in dukux satinwood all white. Is it...
  12. B

    Spray painting new feather edge fence boards

    Hi.... I have just built a short length of new fencing to my boundary and want to paint the face that will be on the neighbours side. I would like to paint it so that it looks decent from their side. There is nobody living there at the moment as it was rented out but the house is now being...
  13. A

    Paint peeling on bathroom ceiling

    I have an artexed bathroom ceiling which was painted with some dulux bathroom paint about 9 years back. Its grown mould and has started peeling and cracking (aligatoring ) in areas. So far I've scraped what i can peel off but restricted due to it being artexed and then I've wiped it down with...
  14. C

    What is the paint colour I'm looking for?!

    Hi all, I've recently bought a house in the Cotswolds and am looking to paint the door sage green. The house was built in the 80s and therefore doesn't have the old yellowy Cotswold stone - it's a newer, probably reconstituted, more creamy colour. All the info I can find online for paint colours...
  15. wtr

    Finishing Internal aerated concrete blocks

    Hello all, I have Internal aerated concrete blocks (aac) that have been painted. I've read And I'm undecided on what I need to do. 1. Do I render? Then skim? (What's difference between plaster) 2. Originally...
  16. D

    Best External Wood Paint - Garden Building

    I have a garden building which is about 7 years old, its not really made of the most rot resistant wood so I have had to do a bit of maintenance. Last year I made a new window frame I quickly painted it with Cuprinol Garden shades, but the whole south side is looking very tired mainly because...
  17. A

    Painting laminated MDF kitchen cabinet doors

    I have some laminated (vinyl type wrap or something) MDF kitchen cabinet doors. some of the MDF around the edges has swelled up from moisture. I intend to sand it down and use some 2 part filler to reshape what I can. I then want to paint the door but unsure what type of paint to use and the...
  18. J

    External extension wall facade with paint coming off at few points. How would you make good?

    need to paint this wall but not sure how to make good first as paint came off leaving 1 or 2 mm difference. Any tips would be appreciated
  19. S

    Rusty radiator - repaint or replace?

    Hi all, I have a radiator in my bathroom that's seen better days - the paint is peeling in places and I can see rust underneath. I've attached a picture so you can see. I know that at the very least it needs a new coat of paint. But I'm not sure if it's too rusty to get away with that. I'd...
  20. crwebb

    Had plasterer put up new coving to match old

    Hi, Had plastering work done recently and at the time he also put up new coving to match existing coving (we had built in wardrobes when we moved in, took them out and there was no coving behind). When he installed it he told me that cause the old coving has been painted on so much over years...