1. P

    How to paint this unusually painted wall??

    Hi all, My tenant decided to attempt my house without asking and they did not do a good job. Now they are out and I have a bit of time I am going to attempt to paint myself. They paint that they have used seems to be shiney and slippery almost like a hard plastic or gloss type of thing. What is...
  2. B

    Painting a perfect line between semi detached house

    Hello! As the title suggests, I am looking to paint my house and just wondering what tips or tricks people might have when painting the line up to where it meets my neighbour's house as we're semi detached. Cheers.
  3. Muriel’s wedding

    Pebbledash painting woes

    Previous owner has used a very thick layer of paint on external pebbledash render. Over time, the paint has lifted away from the wall and in most areas a simple prod can crack the paint. I’ve started to use a wire brush and gentle tapping to crack and remove the majority of the paint. However...
  4. J

    Touching up Matt paint ends up glossy?!

    Hi. New here so hello to everyone. Hopefully someone can guide me on this paint issue, which I've googled, but not found a sound solution. I've touched up the walls on the landing and stairs, using Dulux easy care white mist, due to a few light scrapes etc. However, as can be seen in the...
  5. W

    Painting over the wrong colour

    Hi I just completed the first Topcoat on my recently completed MDF entertainment unit and the graige-ish kind of colour turned out to be bloody pink, sort of a pale cooked salmon pink. It's there is rule of thumb as to what colours would easily go over this, obviously not too dark? Thanks
  6. C

    Painting damp walls

    In the living room of my son's middle floor tenement flat, damp appeared in the corner of an internal wall, external wall and ceiling. Turned out that upstairs had a rising mains leak which was eventually fixed late 2022. However, both walls about 1m each in from the corner were damaged...
  7. K

    how to paint match stairs

    hey, i got stairs up to first floor which are nicely painted and Stairs from first floor to second need painting and are different colour. Got two question. 1) How to paint the stairs from first to second floor, I got a wood stain but the white gloss paint that is already painted does not like...
  8. A

    Wrong undercoat on walls - how to fix it

    I got some bad advice from an overworked member of staff at a consumer DIY store. I got sold some Dulux trade solvent-based undercoat for wood and metal. Having painted this all over the walls and ceilings of a room in my house, I am realising my Farrow & Ball All White Modern Emulsion is not...
  9. R

    What Prep Needed Before Painting?

    There is one wall in my kitchen with patches of bubbled, flaking paint. It looks like damp, except it's too high and inconsistent for rising damp, there is no pipework above for possible leaks, and it's far away from the boiler, stove, and kettle so don't suspect condensation. It also hasn't...
  10. W

    Thinking or refurbishing the stairs.

    Hello fellow DIYer's. I'm thinking of refurbishing my stairs by painting them completely and adding either a runner or stair mats. I also have a half landing that currently has floor boards. The idea is to paint all of the stairs and the bullnoses of the half landing and replace the floorboards...
  11. L

    What type of exterior wall finish Is this?

    Hi, My exterior wall (south facing - London) is flaking considerably. So I've read that the flaky paint should be removed before a stabiliser is used and then repainted. I'm worried that I may need to render/pebble dash it again. Looking at these photos, is it a simple remove flaky paint...
  12. C

    Painted shed/summer house without treating it first

    I think I’ve messed up and painted my new corner summer house without treating it first. It’s quite small (7ft * 7ft) as my garden isn’t that big and I need to put it right in the corner of the garden up against the fence. I painted the panels before assembly with Bedec Barn paint, and now...
  13. S

    Dulux easycare emulsion over Zinsser 123?

    Hi all, quick question: I'm planning to paint a bathroom ceiling with Dulux's easycare bathroom emulsion paint. However, there's a bit of old staining that I want to cover with Zinsser bullseye 123 first. Do you know if these two products are compatible or not please? The ceiling is plaster, if...
  14. S

    Painting a mouldy ceiling?

    Hi all. I have a patch of mould on my bathroom ceiling that I want to get rid of and prevent coming back. However, there's a few things I'm not sure about. I'm planning on doing the following: 1.) Cleaning off the existing mould with an anti-mould spray 2.) Applying a stain sealer to stop any...
  15. F

    How to remove DIY paint from car

    someone accidentally dropped some paint on the road yesterday and I drove over it in the road. It must've been quite fresh as it splattered across the side of my car. I've removed the paint from the body of the car luckily just using my nail. But I'm not sure how to tackle the paint removal from...
  16. D

    Add a waterproof finish on top of lacquer

    My partner bought a sideboard she wanted me to upcycle. I painted it with furniture paint and given it a few coats of chalky finish spray lacquer but she's since decided she'd like to convert it to an undersink unit with countertop basin. Is there a finish I can apply directly on top of the...
  17. RichieSixty

    Paint/Seal/Prime MDF Shelves for Shed

    I've bought a cheap metal shelving unit for the shed that has MDF shelves. As it might get humid in the shed, I want to paint/seal the MDF. Can anyone suggest any products that might work? Couple I've found: ZINSSER SELF-PRIMING PAINT SATIN WHITE 1LTR ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 PRIMER-SEALER 1LTR...
  18. D

    Dulux easycare paint alternative

    Hi. I've got new bonding and skimming in bedroom i am doing up for the Mrs to move in + our child which is on the way. It's about 14ft x 14ft. I would like to paint it. I was looking for correct primer (for new plastered walls) and a white silk paint. Is there a good alternative to Dulux...
  19. C

    Paint manhole cover

    I want to keep a manhole cover on our drive looking good. Can I paint it to stop it rusting and what would you recommend?
  20. E

    Help with Painted Mullion Windows!!

    Hey everyone, New to the forum and wondered if anyone could help? I have a customer that I am doing some work for with building custom cabinets and restoring stairs etc. They have asked me to look at the windows. Basically they have had new aluminium windows install but they keep weeping...