1. S

    Painting a mouldy ceiling?

    Hi all. I have a patch of mould on my bathroom ceiling that I want to get rid of and prevent coming back. However, there's a few things I'm not sure about. I'm planning on doing the following: 1.) Cleaning off the existing mould with an anti-mould spray 2.) Applying a stain sealer to stop any...
  2. F

    How to remove DIY paint from car

    someone accidentally dropped some paint on the road yesterday and I drove over it in the road. It must've been quite fresh as it splattered across the side of my car. I've removed the paint from the body of the car luckily just using my nail. But I'm not sure how to tackle the paint removal from...
  3. D

    Add a waterproof finish on top of lacquer

    My partner bought a sideboard she wanted me to upcycle. I painted it with furniture paint and given it a few coats of chalky finish spray lacquer but she's since decided she'd like to convert it to an undersink unit with countertop basin. Is there a finish I can apply directly on top of the...
  4. RichieSixty

    Paint/Seal/Prime MDF Shelves for Shed

    I've bought a cheap metal shelving unit for the shed that has MDF shelves. As it might get humid in the shed, I want to paint/seal the MDF. Can anyone suggest any products that might work? Couple I've found: ZINSSER SELF-PRIMING PAINT SATIN WHITE 1LTR ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 PRIMER-SEALER 1LTR...
  5. D

    Dulux easycare paint alternative

    Hi. I've got new bonding and skimming in bedroom i am doing up for the Mrs to move in + our child which is on the way. It's about 14ft x 14ft. I would like to paint it. I was looking for correct primer (for new plastered walls) and a white silk paint. Is there a good alternative to Dulux...
  6. C

    Paint manhole cover

    I want to keep a manhole cover on our drive looking good. Can I paint it to stop it rusting and what would you recommend?
  7. E

    Help with Painted Mullion Windows!!

    Hey everyone, New to the forum and wondered if anyone could help? I have a customer that I am doing some work for with building custom cabinets and restoring stairs etc. They have asked me to look at the windows. Basically they have had new aluminium windows install but they keep weeping...
  8. M

    Cracks on coving joins

    I put up duropolymer coving last summer, used plenty of non solvent adhesive also in between the joins. Before painting, I put 2 coats easi fill over the joins and feathered out, sanding in between, then emulsioned over. Soon after I noticed cracks in all places where the joints are. How do I...
  9. A

    Thinning down vinyl matt emulsion

    Hi, Can I thin out some vinyl matt emulsion paint with water to paint a first coat over some new lining paper? The paper is quite absorbent so I was thinking maybe water down the paint for the first coat? what ratio to water down? Any advise appreciated?
  10. D

    Supermatt over vinyl matt

    Hello, a couple of months ago I repainted my walls and ceilings using Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt watered down by about 15%. I love how it looks on the walls but the ceilings look terrible, extremely patchy. Can I paint supermatt over vinyl matt or does this require special preparation? thanks
  11. J

    Painting radiator copper pipe, chrome and white colour. What best paint to use?

    I have towel rail on bathroom in chrome and white radiators all around the house with copper pipe which need a bit of paint in grey? chrome and white. What kind of paint you suggest without spending a fortune which does not fade under the hot temperature? Thanks
  12. A

    Painting on plaster

    Following replastering of my wall I have waited five months for the wall to dry out. This will sound like a crazy amount of time but I have had a slight damp patch where the timber has been historically soaked with water ingress. The exterior brickwork was fixed prior to replastering but it...
  13. A

    Zinsser perma white over lining paper

    I've pasted some fresh 1700 grade lining paper. Is zinsser perma white suitable to paint over lining paper and do I need to thin the first coat when painting fresh lining paper of such a heavy grade?
  14. S

    Factory-primed doors, blotchy black paint! *Help please*

    I recently bought a factory-primed white door from Wickes. I was told by their customer service team that it was ready to paint using a water-based paint. I was recommended their own water-based interior wood paint. However, after two coats I’ve noticed the paint is very blotchy. I painted the...
  15. D

    Ronseal 2-part high performance wood filler only lasted one month

    A month ago, my door and window frames needed repainting. Three parts of the frames had started to rot (2 bad-ish, 1 not so bad spot). In these places, I dug out the rot and some surrounding wood, used a lot of Ronseal wet rot wood hardener, gave it ages to dry, gave it a rub down with a metal...
  16. Mickey1392

    Possible damp issues (from neighbours chimney?)

    Hey guys, I had peeling paint on the ceiling beside partition wall at top level of three story Victorian red brick terraced house. I scraped it back but it's like chalk. I found layers of like a skim then paper then a wooden board. But I also have found cracks and they are also in the hot...
  17. M

    Rusty galvanised metal sheeting, how to treat and paint

    I've some kind of fascia boards fitted to a shed that previous owner had made, glav sheet with a bend, as the gutter had been leaking for ages, there are rust stains in quite a few places. I would like to have a blast at painting them, now I've fixed the guttering. What would be the best way...
  18. A

    Paint peeling like wallpaper

    Can anyone tell my why my paint is peeling off like rubber/wallpaper? If the wall gets knocked the paint starts to peel and ends up coming off the wall in sheets. We had 2 rooms replastered early this year. Waiting about 3 weeks until plaster was dry and mist coat with leyland contract Matt...
  19. S

    painting tool for conservatory? sprayer?

    so I am painting the interior of conservatory this weekend. Have already sanded back the old stain and wiped down. See the pictures attached I have masked all the windows including glass (because im using integrated masking tape and plastic sheet it was very little extra work to do this) My...
  20. R

    Removing paint from exterior brick

    Hi folks, Can anyone give me some advice on how I should go about removing the paint from the bricks on my house's exterior? Theres only 20 or so to do. It's peeling at the edges already. Cheers Richard