How to remove DIY paint from car

8 May 2022
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United Kingdom
someone accidentally dropped some paint on the road yesterday and I drove over it in the road. It must've been quite fresh as it splattered across the side of my car. I've removed the paint from the body of the car luckily just using my nail. But I'm not sure how to tackle the paint removal from the plastic bar beneath the doors and the area by the wheels.

Behind the front wheels it is a plastic/rubber material. On the back wheels it has a carpet like texture. What's the best way to remove this dry white paint? I've been reading about paint thinners and it sounds like I need to be extremely careful on selecting which type of product I need to use. Do you guys have any recommendations on what exact product I need?

Please see photos attached. The paint is now dry unfortunately.


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I wouldn't worry about the paint on the felt under the wheel arches, that will get covered up or fall off eventually. For the sills, try some thinners or nail polish remover.
Go for non aggresive solvents first, such as white spirit or meths.....even give wd40 a go.
Try on a hidden area first, just in case there is a plastic dissolving issue.
As Mottie says, under the arches will self clean eventually but of course you could try your solvents there.
Even brake cleaner is a possibility.
John :)
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Baby wipes. I always maintain a protective layer of dirt and mud on the lower half of my car to avoid situations like this.
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