1. W

    Exterior paint

    Hi Can anyone recommend a black exterior waterproof paint for brickwork? Its not to make the entire house black, just for the bottom few courses Thanks
  2. T

    masking tape pulls paint off

    Hello Sorry if this seems really simple but I just wanted to get some advice: I tried painting our bathroom (accidentally with normal wall & ceiling paint) last year. Every time I took the masking tape off, the paint came off with it (despite using different tapes, hairdryers etc). Firstly, is...
  3. M

    Mould behind radiator

    I've just bought a new house and went to start the prep for painting one of the bedrooms. I took the radiator off to discover it was mouldy behind. I didn't realise it was lined with paper. Is there an easy way to fix this without having to re-paper the whole room? Suggestions would be greatly...
  4. J

    What paint to use for radiator copper pipe outside wall?

    What a good paint not peeling away with the heat for radiator copper pipe? i would need some white and maybe chrome for bathroom. Thanks
  5. Johnd1881

    Exterior masonry paint flaking

    Hi all, Not sure if I'm in the right place but I'm in need of some help. I painted an external wall around 18 months ago. The wall is breeze block and rendered with sand/cement. The wall was painted with a thinned down white masonry paint as an undercoat and then it had 2 coats of vaspor...
  6. S

    painted ceiling gone wrong

  7. M

    Eco-paint - experiences?

    Hey guys, First time poster here. We're looking for an eco- and, in particular, vegan-friendly paint for our lounge. We've done plenty of research and come across firms like Earthborn, Lakeland, Lick, Graphenstone and Little Greene. Graphenstone in particular appear to have some very impressive...
  8. B

    Should the front of my Victorian house have render over the brickwork, and if so what kind?

    I have recently come into ownership of a Victorian terraced house on the south coast, with the front wall quite elevated and facing the sea (though at a distance of 200m or so) so it is subject to a lot of severe weather. The back of the house has exposed brickwork on the first floor and...
  9. G

    Can I make textured paint

    Hi, I have a couple of areas where the emulsion has peeled off part of the wall because the plaster wasn't sealed properly I think. I want to try to blend the smooth plastered part to the part with several coats of paint. I'm wondering if I can add a bit of pollyfiller or plasterboard adhesive...
  10. R

    Painting cast radiators - looking for black/grey equivalent to Hammerite radiator paint

    Hi, Over recent years, I've had to paint several of our cast radiators (previous owners had sadly not made the best of jobs). Used white radiator wet spray but found that the Hammerite paint provides a better and longer lasting result. Need to tackle two more radiators but this time we want...
  11. bettz1

    Painting gas/electric meter box

    Hi after some advice on what paint would be best to use to paint our outside electric /gas meter boxes which have flaked a little. House is 5 years old so the meter boxes aren't to old, I think there fibreglass? I've seen dulux weathershield satin mentioned a few times but would I need to sand...
  12. M

    Coloured Ecoslide/Roseview PVC sash windows

    Hi there I'm looking into getting some uPVC sashes to replace old timber ones. Because I'm in a conversation zone - these will be Roseview at the front, and then Ecoslide at the rear. I'd like to have the anthracite painted versions - my current sashes are dark and I prefer this to white. But...
  13. JD2012

    Patches of old removed paint showing through new Paint.

    I decided to decorate the small box bedroom in my house as it had not been done for years! As a first step I stripped and sanded the bedroom door smooth with an electric sander after having to scrape some bits. The door I think is wood with a type of hardboard covering. The house was built in...
  14. P

    Stripping White Velux back to pine

    Knocked down a wall between attic room and corridor, and the Velux windows are different (one pine and one white). The white looks really out of place. Has anyone ever stripped a white Velux back to the wood? Is it a terrible idea?
  15. diydaddy51

    Paint foaming problem. Why does paint foaming occur?

    Is there any way I can manage this problem? What should I do? Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.
  16. jbquality

    Seeing 'steps' on the wall, need fix pleeeease

    Hello! So decided to redecorate a bedroom ourselves. Removed wallpaper, scrubbed, sanded, cleaned, primed, skimmed and one coat of primer/undercoat. My issue is I have a few areas where I can see 'steps' from where I've skimmed, my fault for not sanding well enough in these areas. Can I use...
  17. A

    Sealant adhesive to bond oil based painted timber

    Hi, I need to bond and seal a piece of timber which is already over painted with a sikkens oils based paint to some bricks. Whats a decent sealant adhesive that will work on oil based paints? Is stixall any good and will it adhere to timber that has an oil based paint? Any advice and...
  18. sebeard

    Bathroom Ceiling Mist Coats

    Hi, I’ve recently had a new bathroom installed and it’s pretty much finished bar the freshly plastered ceiling. I know I need to put on a mist coat first and paint over that with a specialist bathroom paint. What I’m not so clear on is what paint to use for the mist coat in a bathroom. Would...
  19. N

    Plaster, Paint and PVA

    Disclaimer: I'm not good with DIY at all, but lockdown and situations have forced us to do some stuff ourselves that we would normally contract out for. "Should have paid someone" isn't particularly helpful so I'll save your time writing in saying "I know" in advance. We've recently tried to...
  20. A

    Painting Disaster

    Hi All, Had the house replastered recently. Due to bright white led downlights i could see imperfections. Anyways few rooms filled with easi fill and Tourpet decorators skim. Sanded them smooth. Wiped down the surfaces. Spot primed filled areas. Firstly with wateree down emulsion. Then zinsser...