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6 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom

I have been readin about laying a patio.

I have cleared my garden down to the top soil.

I intend to use a 10:1 sand cement screed and butt flags together then use a dry mix for joints.

Do I need to get in some hardcore for under the sand or can I lay the sand cement mix straight onto the soil?


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You shouldn't just clear it down to the top soil, you should also remove the topsoil itself. Topsoil may contain vegetable matther that will decompose, (or start to grow). Even if it doesn't, topsoil is inclined to compress over time, causing subsidence. Once you've removed the topsoil, it's not a bad idea to dust the whole area with lime. This will discourage any windblown seeds from taking root and coming up through the finished patio.

Once you've removed the topsoil, hardcore is totally unnecessary (unless you happen to have some hanging around and want to build the level back up a bit).
Thanks for the info firegazer, I have looked at that site and its great.

TexMex, Many thanks for your reply, The job is starting to seem like its too big just for me to handle. I might get the proffessionals in, I dont want to screw it up!
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Hi me again!

Right I have decided to go ahead and do the patio with the help of a friend.

I am going to use flags of 3 different sizes and was hoping someone has a design for a random pattern for them. Its 6X4m. I have checked out but they do not have pattern for 3 sizes. I have emailed them as stated on the website for a design but I have had no reply.

I realise I could get some graph paper and draw it out but it would be a bit 'hap hazzard' and I'm not sure I would do a good job of it. Has anybody got a design or know a website, I have searched the internet a lot.

The sizes are 450X450 225X450 and 675X450.


What a really wierd question. Rather like saying, "I've got a great punch line. And it was only half price :LOL: :LOL: , now can anyone think of a great joke to go with it?" Something to do with Carts and Horses comes to mind. :rolleyes:
Constructive Tex, thanks. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I've spent the last few hours designing a random pattern for the three sizes on paintshop pro for the three sizes of flag. So if anyone in the future is searching for a plan and finds this page send me an email and I'll send it to you. Its for 6MX5.5M.

have a look at they do various repeating patterns, which is not random i know but still very effective and easy to lay. you can also download a random pattern generator from bradstone
Thanks Thermo, good site.

The download one from bradstone is brilliant, frustrating it didnt show on google!

Thanks again thermo exactly what I was looking for!!

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