PC help PLEASE!!!!

18 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

Was wondering if anyone can help me, just tired to switch on my other PC and it loaded to the desk top but then i think it lost power as it just went off and there was no lights on. So i fired it up again and it got as far the little note about press F11 in the top left but it then goes straight to a Sreen asking if i wanted to start in safe mode or safe mode with networking or my last known configuration that last worked and there were other options but i can remember. So i have tried safe mode and it listed some text then froze and the pc turned off then back on again and booted to the same screen. so i tried that last known configuration that worked option this got and this also after a few second switched the Pc off then it comes back on and boots to the same screen.

Is there anything i can do myself to sort this out as i have all my photo's of my children on the hard drive. Or if there's nothing i can do could i take it to the PC shop in town will they be able to extract the info from my C drive i'd rather not do this as i also have bank info on the PC too.

Thank in advance for any help
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Have you installed any new software or hardware recently? Unplug all devices apart from keyboard, mouse and display and try booting into safe mode.
Overheating can cause suden power cut, give all vents a vacuum and move away from any obstruction.
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I hope you have sorted your pc out by now. But, just in case you haven't...

It sounds like one or more of your system files have become corrupted by the sudden shutdown. This usually happens when a pc has it's power cut during shutdown (writing data to files as the pc closes down running files).

Unusually, the main PSU can fritz out for no apparent cause. They just do.
It could be overheating, but is unlikely.

If you are a dab hand with a screwdriver, then open the side of the pc up and check it for dust build up around the fans and processor heatsink.

Look for other debris, like dog/cat/human hair and such like. Remove it.

Whilst it is open :LOL: sniff :LOL: the inside of the case and you should smell a mild smell of electrical devices. If it is a strong acrid and overpowering smell, then I would recommend having it looked at by a repair shop.

Your DATA...

If you are unhappy letting someone else go rummaging around you HDD, you can always remove it, and replace it with a spare HDD and take it in to be looked at then. Or just take it out and let the "shop" have a look without it.

There are "some" unscrupulous people out there, so it does pay to be cautious with your data, after all, would you give a total stranger your credit cards and pin number?

If you need more advice, post a request. after all this is free and usually the advice is sound.

Happy New Year...