Permit to develop or PP for loft with hip to gable end?

15 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

Your help if I may! Submitted planning permission to my local council for my loft coversion which involves a hip to gable enlargement. The proposed work will not exceed the height of the highest part of the existing roof, will not extend beyond the plane of the existing roof slope which forms the principle elevation of the dwelling house and when added to the volume of proposed dormer will not exceed 50 cubic meters in volume. The roof will be constructed in materials similar to that of the main house.

dormer window- to the rear of the roof slope will not exceed the height of the existing ridge and will not when added to the hip to gable enlargement exceed 50 cubic meters in volume. the edge of the dormer window is set back 20cm from the eaves. the dormer will be constructed in materials similar to the main house.

roof windows - front elevation will not project more than 150mm from the plane of the roof and will not be higher than the ridge.

Does this mean I can go ahead under permit to develop? I submitted the plans and the council came back and said en1 of the sevenoaks council policy states "the design of extensions should be in harmony with ajoining buildings" my street is a complete mix of new and old houses (some grade 2 listed) all different shapes and sizes only my house and the noe attached (semi's) are the same in the whole street! The council said the hip to gable enlargement would unbalance the pair of semi detached houses and be detremental to their character?!

any thoughts would be super as we are on a tight timeline to get this completed before the birth of our first child in May!

many thanks in advance!
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thanks Freddy (I too also love cats we have 2!) I did read this post after doing a search for hip to gable but I wondered to the relevance of the councils reply to my planning permission application mentioning the policy about unbalancing the street view! It doesnt mention anything at all about this issue in permit to develop? I just want to be certain I'm not wasting my time submitting a permit to develop and the council say the same thing they have when rejecting our planning permission! They've certainly had their moneys worth from us over the last few months! Really appreciate the help

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they also mention policy h6b which states that loft and roof extensions should not create the appearence of an extra storey. They said "it is felt that the combination of a hip to gable enlargement and the flat roof dormer would result in the appearence of an extra storey, especially when seen in context of the attached neighbour"
yes on the grounds mentioned but the architect came back and said he sees no reason why we can't just submit under permit to develop?
I still don't know if you made a planning application or just had 'pre-planning' advice? Anyway no matter, as mentioned a hip to gable with a rear dormer is PD. Arguably it may be wise to get a Lawful Development certificate to prevent any future hassles when you sell. Read the appeal decision I linked to in the other thread, its pretty damning and conclusive.
Hip to gables are only PD if there is not a highway at the side of the house. I seem to remember reading a story where someone had to remove a hip to gable on an end terrace next to road as they did not realise this in advance.
Is it to do with a house having two principal elevations... similarly you can't add a dormer to a principal elevation under PD? A hip to gable could be treated in the same way.
Bad news :(
With regarded to the comments on the roof, your residence is within a Conservation Area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty therefore would not benefit from Class B permitted development rights which cover extensions to the roof of a dwelling.
Does anyone have any experience with dealing with houses in these areas?

Many thanks in advance
You will have to apply for Planning Permission then. I would be dubious of getting a hip to gable through, I have seen successfully applications for dormers, albeit with a fight, any application will be site specific so difficult to comment further really. The more exposed/overlooked this house is the more difficult it will be, On a semi even more of a challenge as planners hate them and to be fair it will un-balance a semi.

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